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Self Prostate Massage - Internal, External Instruction Techniques Tips

Self Prostate Massage - Do it Yourself!

self prostate massages benefits

This is a perfect way to remove the pain that you feel in your prostate gland. The prostate pain is sometimes excruciating and this procedure is one of the best ways to get relieved.

You can carry on the procedure yourself, without any help. It is easily completed and you do not need any previous training to accomplish it. The results are undoubted astonished.

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How do you do it?

Generally, there are three ways to accomplish the procedure perfectly. One of them is through internal massage. In this case, you need to do the following things before you start the procedure:

  1. wash and clean your hands perfectly
  2. remove any edges on your nails
  3. relax
  4. get privacy

When you do these things, put your finger gently in your anus. Do not rush here because this is very sensitive area and therefore you have to be careful.

After you have your finger placed there, nice and easy search for your prostate gland. It is round in shape and you probably will not have any troubles finding it. After you have found it, you need to use your finger to massage the prostate gland gently.

The second method is the external self prostate massage, where you do not put your finger in your anus. Many men feel uncomfortable doing the internal massage and because of that they prefer the external massage.

In this situation, you massage the area between your anus and scrotum. It is called perineum and it is very gentle area, also.

The third possible option for massaging the prostate is the assisted massage, where you can use one of the many tools, which are made for this reason.

Self Prostate Massage - The benefits

Embarrassment is not an excuse for a male to stop massaging prostate. There are many benefits of doing it:

Betters the blood flow in your prostate gland. This is important because the increased blood flow betters the metabolic process in the gland.

  1. Cleanse your prostate gland - that way you will clean your prostate gland from old fluids in it; especially when prostatitis is present.
  1. Bladder control is improved
  1. Improved sexual power and sexual performance - this is very important, especially for the men in the active age. 
  1. Self prostate massage is one of the concepts that each man has to be familiar with. Men must know that they should not be ashamed of this because this procedure contributes greatly to the improvement of their lifestyle. Men will feel young and happy no matter what their age is.

This is not a modern procedure but rather a tested by time method, which will bring happiness one again in your life

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