Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Prostate Milking - Your Prostate Massage Guide

What’s the Prostate Milking or Prostate Massage?

It is one of the most effective ways for every man to handle the pain that he feels in his prostate . It is a process where the fluids in your prostate are squeezed. That’s why it is called milking.

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This process is first carried out by a medical practitioner. He or she must explain the patient how he is supposed to do it at home. Properly completed milking of the prostate is not a painful process.

The techniques must be learned by the patient carefully. Bydoing the massage on the prostate, you will remove all the fluids in there with the techniques and tricks that you have been taught.

Why should you do it?

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People tend to be afraid of new things. Prostate milking is also something, which frightens most men. However, when most of them understand what the benefits of this procedure are, they are willing to give it a try.

And guess what? After several procedures they are more thanhappy because of their choice. The list of benefits of milking the prostate includes:

1. Betters the blood flow in the gland-making the blood moving faster in the gland will enhance the processes going there. This is really helpful to release your prostate fluids.

2. Heals Prostatitis (inflammation in the prostate) - this is different approach to this common disease. When the fluids in the prostate are stagnant, this is factor that benefits the development of pathogen (infectious) bacteria.

They grow and because of that the prostate is swelling. You can either feel that your prostate is swelled by touching it or be feeling great pain in this area.

The structures, which make the gland, are called acini. The bacteria are trapped within these structures. They can not exitbut also antibodies (policemen of the organism) can not enter the structures to fight the bacteria.

That’s why pain persists. Prostate milking is a great way to open these structures. By the massaging, the structures are submitted to mechanical movement.

That’s how their lumens (apertures) are opened and antibodies could enter to fight bacteria. This is really effective method to beat the infection. Also, there are special machines invented for this particular problem. They will massage your prostate foryou.

3. Prostate milking heals impotence - If you are impotent, then you must most certainly give a try to this procedure. This is really good way to get back in the shape that you used to be several years ago.

You will regain your sexual power and you will be able to have good sex, which is going to be absolutely PAIN FREE

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