Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

About Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Is it possible a Prevention of Prostate Cancer? If yes, what measures do I need to take to prevent prostate cancer onset? How far preventing prostate cancer can save my life?

I may understand that these are some worrisome coming into your mind. But of course : preventing is better than curing. And the same happens for prostate cancer too.

Prostate cancer prevention – What are the steps to follow?

  • The very first step is to get the knowledge. So, you must know what the factors which bring to prostate cancer are and how to control them. This will help preventing prostate cancer onset.Actually, it is well-known that in more than 50% of cases, there are some external factors which influence prostate negatively.
  • And here is your job: trying to “stop” them from harming your prostate.

  • prostate cancer risk factor

      What is more, cooking manners have their influence too. So, if you prepare your meat on high temperature with charcoal grills, this is risky because charcoal grills carry several carcinogens leading to high prostate cancer rate.

      When coming to antioxidants, they work as scavengers in the body and do not allow the toxins to get deposit inside your body. According to recent reports, all these antioxidants play a protective role in prevention of prostate cancer battle.

    1. Chronic Inflammatory Conditions
    2. All these conditions increase more chances of secreting poisonous substances. On the other hand, these poisonous substances generate more chances in producing carcinoma including prostate cancer too.

    3. Male Hormones
    4. The male hormone called Androgen may also play a role in increasing the prostate cancer risk. It has been noticed that prostate cancer is less susceptible in castrated men, although this might not been proved directly.

      Well, it not a wise suggestion to get one self castrated but hyper secretion of androgen can be prevented with some other measures.

    5. Prevention of Prostate Cancer – Medical Consultation and Routine Check-Up
    6. This is really the most important thing you must do, to my opinion. When you reach your 50s, build-up your own check-ups schedule, at least once a year.

      The regular check-ups must include:

    prostate Cancer Routine Check-Up

      If it comes out and diagnosed with prostate cancer, please follow your doctor's advices about the therapy regimen most suitable for you.

      Some authorities advocate the initiation of therapy even in asymptomatic cases of prostate cancer with the only aim to extend the life expectancy of the patients.

      It's true that sometimes the prostate cancer is detected accidentally at the old age. And the main protocol used in this case is “wait and watch”.

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