Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

How to recognize the BPH symptoms?

Recognize BPH Symptoms

Actually, the BPH symptoms silently and gradually get hold leaving the affected population almost unaware about the progress of the symptoms unless full blown.

The ultimate result is complete blockade of the urine outflow and the affected person creams with intolerable torture and not only that if acute condition is not medically intervened immediately the impending result may be death.

The BPH is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia or non cancer abnormal growth of the prostrate glands. It is the second most ailing condition that afflicts the adult male populations especially at the third decades of life.

The symptoms of BPH starts giving its subtle signs of presence from 45-50 years of age and experts have seen that by the age of 60 almost 50% of the male population develops the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy.

It is to be remembered that prostatic carcinoma (unrelated to BPH) is the second leading cause of death in male and one can come out from this paradoxical condition by proper medical examination only and it is imperative.

BPH Symptoms (Benign prostatic Hypertrophy Symptoms)

The symptoms are generally of two major types:1 - the first one is irritating during urination

2 - and the second one is obstructing the urine flow.

Many times the earlier symptoms are being ignored with a false idea that the same can be assuaged naturally, thus, opening the pathways for the major trouble.

To ensure better quality of life it is always suggested by the heath guides to get oneself checked in regards to prostrate as soon as one reaches the age of 45 years.

Types of differential BPH symptoms

1 - The irritating symptoms manifest as burning during urination, more frequency of night time urine that disturbs the sleep an urge of urination continually even just after voiding.

It gives a sensation that certain amount of urine is inside the bladder that can not be voided out. There is dropping of some urine that generally occurs after voiding may be on the garments and that causes additional social embarrassment & finally a greater chance of some additional infection.

2 - Similarly, obstruction comes later in the picture in PBH symptoms and person exerts more pressure while passing urine and that may further inflame the surrounding tissue of prostrate leaving the conditions more worst.

The excess pressure exerted by the patient may tear the localized tissue and blood may come out with urine generating more chance of additional infections and fear with pain.

The obstructed urine instead of coming out, negatively influences the bladder, kidney and the liver as well as chest and in these cases, prognosis becomes poor.

Pain in BPH

In obstruction caused by BPH, pain is one prominent factor and in pure block the nature of the pain is dull and aching but in combination with tissue tears, it is like pin pricking and burning especially if some quantity of urine gets in touch with torn muscles.

Sexual function in BPH

Prostate glands are two in numbers that surround the urethra and provide nourishment to the semen. It is found that in case of total prostate removal there is absence of semen ejaculation but orgasm is not hampered.

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