Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Treatments Options For Prostate Problems

Welcome to my Prostate Treatment Options website!

Here you will find all the information on various prostate conditions, from enlarged prostate (bph) till prostate cancer and prostatitis and the related treatment options.

This site is designed in various categories in order to cover the most common conditions of prostate.

So, by using this website, you will:

normal enlarged prostate

  1. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of enlarged prostate time and the importance of seeking medical help early.

  1. Find out what the best treatment for enlarged prostate is.

To make  it  simple, i do suggest to check the prostate video below and  after you Finnish , continue with  the rest  of  information.

  1. Get to know about some methods to shrink enlarged prostate and how prostate massage helps to relieve the symptoms.

enlarged prostate
natural herbs for enlarged prostate

This is the part I mostly prefer.

Nature is something pure, and our body needs pureness to stay healthy.

  1. Learn about the natural remedies for any of the prostate problems.

  1. Learn what prostate test is and how PSA levels can predict prostate cancer.

  1. Get some knowledge on Prostate cancer, e.g. most wanted facts, symptoms, latest treatment, and if you can prevent it.

  1. Learn if there is any cure for prostate cancer and how to organize a specific diet that can help.

stages of prostate cancer
  1. Get facts on various drugs used for its problems and associated side effects and precautions.

Pumkin Seed



green tea

Green Tea

Carpobrotus edulis polen harvest

Bee Polen


Pygeum Africanum



Stinging nettle

Green Soy

Honey Bee on Saw Palmetto Fruit

saw palmetto

Wildflower Red Clover Flower, Explored

Red Clover

Vitamin C





Rosmary Flowers



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