Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Your prostate cancer cure guided tour

Do you want to know the prostate cancer cure facts? Are interested in having the benefits and how can achieve it? How far does it work for real?

Get your guided tour in the following paragraphs.

Hope, you must have a preliminary idea regarding cancer. Cancer signifies the presence of some abnormal cells in the particular part of the body areas.

The problem with this type of cell is that it does not follow any regulatory commend of the body and starts living in its own way.

It is not the end of the story rather, in most of the cases; it starts increasing its daughter cells to the amplifying quantity rather in a short period of life.

If the presence of these types of cancer cells can be traced at the initial period of invasion, medical aim is remove these cells completely. The answer probably you have received in terms of curability.

This is YES! The prostate cancer cure is possible if, the disease can be diagnosed at the early phase. You should keep a caution here.

That is the recurrence or reappearance of the same cells again. It is not always but no body can give you assurance about the recurrence free removal. The reason is still not fully known to us.

There is a good news also, waiting for you. It is if, the cancer cell is present in the localized area or confined zone, it is more likely that the complete removal of the infected tissue can be done with surgery. Medical body in this case, advocates mainly radical (complete) or partial prostate tissue removal.

Problems start when, the cancerous cells leave their boundary and starts eating up the normal cells of the body. You can understand that prostate cancer metastasis have taken place in side the body of the patient.

Here, specialists recommend for radiotherapy as a prostate cancer cure. The radiotherapy is capable of isolating the infected cells and to destroy the cells.

It is better for you to penetrate little more in this area of localized and generalized infection.

The first treatment regimen in localized lesion, caused by cancer, is not prostate surgery. Urologists try to cure it with some specific therapy. That includes hormonal measures, (mainly inhibitors) and some anticancer (cytotoxic) drugs and then goes for chemotherapy.

Good news is this, still prostate cancer is considered to be the low risk cancer. Even after being diagnosed, one can lead normal life for a considerable period.

Here prevention is important criterion. One should get regularly checked up, once in a year, after the age of 50.

You should keep a strict watch regarding the food. The food habit should be little modified and inclusion of Vitamin E, selenium and lycopene (rich source is tomato) should be there in his dietary chart.

Intake of alcohol or smoking should be completely avoided.

Early detection is the watch word here. Current statistics show that there is a drastic reduction in the mortality, which has been achieved mainly due to conscious efforts of both physicians and the patients in this field.

For your information, the benefit of following this guide line is enormous as patient can lead a near normal life and his life expectancy will be almost normal.

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