Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

All about Prostate Test

What is a prostate test for? Who should perform it? What's the importance of performing?Get the info you need in the following paragraphs.

First of all, let's explain what a test for prostate problems is and find out if there are more than one.

Prostate problems come with elder, it's a physiological process with the only outcome: enlarged prostate (benign or malign).

To detect in time the problems, scheduled prostate examinations must be done starting from the age 50s and later.

How to perform the prostate test?

The first examination is the ultrasound, which is not invasive and less embarrassing. If your doctor will see that your prostate is enlarged, he/she will recommend some other exams.

The next step is a digital rectal examination. Your doctor (called a urologist) will examine your prostate through rectum, analyzing its shape, appearance and motility in order to determine if something malign is happening or not.

At the same time your urologist will advise to perform the psa test in order to ensure the nature of your prostate problems (whether benign or malign).

This test is done by measuring the levels of PSA in your blood, which will help your doctor in further follow-ups.

As I stated above, people who should perform are all males 50 years and above. Every year prostate tests should be done to prevent the worst.

You may discuss with your urologist about the schedules. Remember: although you might not have any problems, you shouldn't rest in peace. If you have already 50 years, go and do your prostate follow-ups.

The test for prostate problems are recommended for those with family history of prostate cancer or BPH and also for those drinking alcohol, smoking, following a high-fat diet, etc.

Importance of performing prostate tests

Prevention is better than curing. If you prevent prostate cancer onset, you will be safe. Simple prostate tests will give a hand.

Simple and cheap, the tests for prostate diseases can save your life, permitting to still conducting healthy living.

Also, keep in mind that taking knowledge is a good step toward keeping always healthy.

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