Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Your prostate cancer metastasis facts you must know

The word “ Prostate Cancer metastasis ” has usually have come across while turning over the pages of some heath magazines or browsing the sites in net.

And you're right when want to know more about this topic especially when you're affected from prostate cancer or have any relative suffering from it.

You must have noticed that, this word is mainly used in such places where, cancer is the main topic. Although, metastasis some time are used in other pathological conditions but, in cancer its presence is very common.

If you ask the literary meaning, it stands like this: Meta denotes that ‘some thing in between other’ and Stasis signifies ‘presence of some matter’.

Now, if you combine both the sentence it come ‘presence of some uncommon thing in the normal system. It is actually, transporting the disease or infected tissue from one part to another part of the body.’

The origin of this word is traced in Greek medical terminology.

It has probably, further instigated your query to know some thing about the areas likely to be affected more in Prostate cancer Metastasis.

1 - You can see here that the most prone area is the surrounding area of prostate and that is the genital & urinary system. This area includes scrotum and testes, urethra and urinary bladder and its adjacent places including rectum.

2 - The second area, likely to be affected is spinal cord especially where some depression in between two vertebras has taken place.

3 - It is for your knowledge that third vulnerable area is the bone and particularly, long bone (known also as prostate cancer bone metastasis). There are many cases of prostate cancer metastasis, where, concomitant bone metastasis are noticed.

After gaining this knowledge you may ask ‘When metastases are taking place in Prostate cancer.’

Here, some staging has been done by the medical authorities, keeping in mind about the disease progression and treatment regimen in prostate cancer. It is found that metastasis are taking place in the last stage mainly (MI).

What can be the common symptoms?

Here you may be baffled by the paradoxical nature of the disease. Some people are passing their life very peacefully even more than 10-12 years after they have been diagnosed positive case of carcinoma.

Here prostate cancer takes some indolent attitude and never comes up virulently. Some oncology experts define Prostate cancer is the non lethal cancer.

It is not always the case. In some, there are definite symptoms. It may come directly as presence of blood in the urine, obstruction in bowel habit, incontinence during urination etc or it may be an accidental finding in treating other problem such as bone or urinary disease.

You better keep in mind that it is better to get yourself checked at least, once annually after the age of 50 years of age. Many times, doctors do not recommend the patient for screening, in asymptomatic positive cases, unless patient feels some sizable discomfort.

It is not a lost case and many treatment options are available to treat the prostate cancer metastasis. Ray of hope is this; the number of death is steadily decreasing annually.

What is needed is timely check up and a regulated life style under guidance and you can enjoy better quality of life.

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