Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Your facts on prostate cancer

Get to know some important facts on prostate cancer and some ways to prevent its onset.

You may wander why prostate cancer is becoming one of the major topics and more and more media exposures are there on this subject.

Just for your information: prostate cancer cases are increasing to an alarming extent globally. What is more, most of the cases are the results of hereditary transmission.

The pattern follows a Mendalian inheritance type (Single focal trait in genetic transmission). In addition, different groups of populations are carrying the risk in different ways through out the world.

If, you take the statistic, you will find that African – Americans have greater risk of prostate cancer chances and related tumors, compared to the whites.

Some attributes the secretion of male hormones, namely testosterone may play bigger role in inducing prostate cancer. You can be equally interested to see that in case, where, first degree relative is affected; the risk is much higher to be transmitted in the next generations to come.

Additionally, the lesions occurred, is not only affecting the specific component of the body rather, there is possibility, that it may affect other parts of the body.

Another important among facts on prostate cancer, is that if you take high calorie food and red meats; you are increasing the chances of prostate cancer. The risk is outscoring many other lethal diseases and mortality due to prostate cancer is occupying second position in case of cancer related death. The major dilemma is that, it comes very silently.

Important facts on prostate cancer - shocking statistics

Although they seem shocking, you still can do something to prevent the future prostate cancer onset. That's go for the stats first, then we may check what should be done to prevent it?

In U.S.A. 21800 new cases of prostate cancers were suspected in 2007 and the total numbers of death, including old and new, ranged up to 27050. The number of death in African Americans due to prostate cancer was double when compared with American white population.

When more specific screening test was introduced, it was noticed that the number of detected cases increased to 2-3 folds, compared with old detection method. As per current data in American context, one out of 6.25 men is likely to have prostate cancer.

Risky zone is considered by the immediate death rate due to prostate cancer, you will notice that 47% is ranging below the zone and rest is floating above the risky zone. Similarly, genetic factors account for 42% in developing the disease. Two types of genes namely EGR and ETV1 are supposed to increase more chance in tumor formation. Out of total tumor formations in prostate cancer, in 57% cases, the predominance of both the genes was traced.

However, detecting in time the first symptoms may minimize the risk for future prostate cancer onset. First manifestation is related to the problem during urination. It generally, includes difficulty in passing urine, pain in urination and bodily discomfort.

Please also note, it is not always the case and some time it may attack silently. The size and palpation of the prostate generally show abnormality but it is mainly detected by the physician by Digital Rectal Examination. That's why it is very important, when you reach your early 50s, try to do scheduled check ups in order to prevent in time the prostate cancer or other disease that often occur at this age.

Next step is screening test by Prostate Specific Antigen for early detection. In a random study with prostate specific antigen screening, involving 24,893 men, it was surprisingly found that out of total, 1011 men were suffering from prostrate cancer with out showing any symptom.

At the end, I hope after learning all the above facts on prostate cancer, you have become more consciouns and will do the regular check-ups and advise to other too.

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