All About Prostate Pain

What is a prostate pain? How to recognize the symptoms? What are the most common causes of pain in prostate? How to relieve pain in cases of emergency?

prostate pain causes

Pain in prostate is a symptom for certain conditions of prostate. You must know that prostate is a sexual gland, located in the pelvic area of men.

When it becomes inflammated or any other degenerative condition, then pain comes out.

What are the different types of pain in prostate?

Pain in prostate may be classified according to the location (place where it is felt), and the cautions.

1 – Painful prostate by location

Actually, pain cannot be described exactly where it is. Sometimes, you may feel it at the lower part of your tummy (in pelvic area), and in sometimes you may feel only prostate back pain.

Some other times the pain is present while urinating or during orgasm. Keep in mind that pain location is also tightly related to various diseases and conditions of prostate.

2 – Pain in prostate by causes

  1. Inflammation of prostate (Prostatitis)

It is also called the inflammation of prostate and might have an infectious or non-infectious nature depending on the cause.

The pain is located in the pelvis (groin) and you may feel pain even during urination. In this case treating the principle cause of prostatitis (anti-biotics) and alpha-blockers, and some pain relievers would be effective.

In any case, do not hesitate to seek medical help.

  1. Prostate cancer pain

Actually, at the very first stages, prostate cancer doesn't have any clear symptoms. The most common problems would be related to urine flow and similar troubles.

Meanwhile in the advanced stages, when the cancer has spread in the surroundings, then appear the pain depending on the invaded organ. So, you may feel leg pain, like not moving your leg, or back pain.

  1. Other conditions causing prostate pain

There are some therapeutic procedures that can cause painful prostate. One of them called TUMT (tranurethral microwave therapy) is performed to patient with enlarged prostate in order to their urine symptoms treatment scheme.

Other procedure called TUNA (transurethral needle ablation) may cause prostate pain too. It is performed to patients with enlarged prostate in order to kill the excessive prostate cells blocking the urine flow way.

There are some other conditions which may affect prostate and its surrounding and causing painful prostate. So, epididymitis, bladder stones, cystoscopy, hematuria (blood in urine), erectile dysfunction, etc are some of them.

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