Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

How to recognize the warning signs of prostate cancer in time?

How to recognize the warning signs of prostate cancer in time? What to do next after noticing them?

You'll get your answers in the following paragraphs.

Since prostate cancer comes in one’s life silently in most cases, your automatic query may be to identify the warning signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. The first answer is the old age or the risky group around fifty years of age or above.

  • Sometimes Prostate carcinoma shows some symptoms also. You may feel always fullness in the perineal area. It is the area in between anus and scrotum.
  • Some times there may be discomfort in urination. There may be some obstruction felt at the time of urination. The irritating symptoms like more frequency of urine, incontinence, post void dribbling etc are more common in benign hyperplasia; nevertheless, these may appear in prostate carcinoma also.
  • Some time the tumor may leave its confined zone and can come to the adjacent zone. In such cases, the presence of blood in the semen is common and there may be some decrease in the sexual performance.
  • Erectile dysfunction is another common symptom in such case.
  • Prostate cancer may give rise other manifestations also. The common sites are long bone complication and spinal cord depression.
  • In some cases, there is definite atrophy of the spinal cord and normal cells are being replaced by the fibrous or dead cells (myelophthisis). Maximum number of diagnosis takes place when the disease has progressed to a large extent. You should be cautious about it and it is better to take immediate medical consultation.

You can easily understand the immense benefits of recognizing the warning signs of prostate cancer. Even in positive cases, early recognition can prevent the disease to a large extent, if not totally irradiating it.

Prostate cancer is thought to low risk cancer and in many cases, it does not progress in life time. On the other side, it is the second killer disease in terms of total cancer death in male worldwide.

Warning signs of prostate cancer - What precaution to take?

    1 - It may be the ultimate query in you. The routine annual examination is the gold standard. Once you cross 45 years of age, you should meticulously do the routine check up.

    There is a symptom score question and answer appraisal format. This format is recognized by the American Urological Society and considered to be most effective and simple to recognize early complications.

    This format is designed to diagnose the BPH problem as well as it is used as probable prognostic indicator of Prostate cancer.

    The limitation with this score index is that, it only can highlight the symptoms and in asymptomatic condition other measure should be taken.

    2 - The second is the digital rectal examination method by the physician. They palpate the prostate gland by inserting finger per rectum and in case of abnormal palpation they ask for more investigations.

    The biopsy is not initially done rather; ultrasonography and prostate specific antigen measurement are considered to be hallmark.

There is definite decline in the death rate due to prostate cancer globally. This is not the result of reduction in the number of cases. It is mainly due to early recognition of the disease and adequate precaution.

The health consciousness has increased in general. The reporting system from the patient side is also showing a positive trend and the encouraging picture is also coming up in terms of case reduction.

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