Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Prostate Massage Technique - Massaging Male Hot Zone Correctly

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Prostate Massage Technique - Why you should get a prostate massage?

If you follow the right technique when massaging your prostate, then it will be easier for you to perform the procedure perfectly.

But, why you should do it? First of all, prostate massage allows you to remove the pain in your prostate. In addition, this procedure will improve your sexual performance.

Some doctors recommend this procedure as a tool for removing sexual impotence.

Prostate Massage Technique - What’s the secret out there?

After you have consulted with your doctor and you have understood what you have to do, you can complete the procedure at home by yourself. There are some general rules, which must not be neglected because they  are crucial for the prostate massage.

You must have your nails cut and hands washed. Nails could harm the sensitive tissues in your anus and you will feel pain because of that. After you have done these two things, you have to insert your finger (point or middle) in your anus.

Tips  for  Milking  Prostate

Choosing the right finger is important for the prostate massage technique because point finger is not as long as the middle finger but middle finger is not as flexible as the point finger.

After you feel that you are in your anus, you have to feel the prostate gland. It is roundish in shape, so it will be easy to identify it.

This is the time, when you can show how gentle you are. Softly massage the gland, without any fast moves. When you do this for a first time, you could feel a little uncomfortable but after some time, you will like it.

In most cases, after continuous prostate massage men ejaculate. This is a normal result from this procedure.

You can start from the end of the prostate gland and go towards the center of it. You have to be very gentle because this is extremely sensitive area of your body.

The finger has to move smoothly from one place to another. More intense stimulations could result in pain, if the gland is not prepared for them.

Prostate massage Technique - Different approaches

The gland could be stimulated externally or with the help of specially constructed tools. The massage technique in this case is different. The external prostate massage is completed in the area between the scrotum (your testicals) and anus.

More intensive stimuli are allowed here because there is a lot of skin, protecting the gland. The assisted prostate massage could be rather painful, when you undergo the procedure for first time.

Prostate Massage Technique - Practice makes perfect

You must complete the procedure enough times to ensure that you have mastered the right massaging technique. Whenever you have free time, do not doubt to take your time and get a prostate massage.

You will have a healthy prostate, thanks to your efforts and skills. Furthermore, you can use a prostate massage device to complete your massaging rather than fingers. Or can also, ask to be helped by a prostate massager or medical team.

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