Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Your most wanted info about Advanced Prostate Cancer

What are the advanced prostate cancer symptoms?  What treatment is required?  What about the prognosis and life expectancy during advanced metastatic prostate cancer?

Get all your most wanted info in the following paragraphs.

First, I want to remind you that the advanced metastatic prostate cancer is called also the MI stage.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms

During this stage the capsule of the tumor nodes obstructs the urinary outflow. As a result, there is continuous obstruction, felt by the patient along with painful urination.

There is greater chance that some tear may take place in the corresponding tissue. This may possibly, show the presence of blood in the urine. Blood may also be present in the semen and there may be loss of sexual function.

Keep in mind that there are several vessels surrounding the area of prostrate. They are known as lymph. The lymph nodes are the most sensitive area to get metastasis. These lymph nodes get enlarged (lymphadenoma).

The adjacent bone is likely to be equally affected. There is great possibility of atrophy in the sacral bone and spinal depression. This may lead to increased chance of bone fracture and aggravate the suffering.

If, you fall in the group of advanced prostate cancer, you may have greater chance that the genital area and urinary bladder are affected along with.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

Since metastasis are commonly expected, you carry equal risk for relapse even after treatment with conventional therapy. That's why you need some other advanced therapy.

Health experts generally suggest for combination therapy. It comprises of androgen deprivation and irradiation. Androgen is supposed to be the main culprit and sometimes the androgen secreting cells are ablated accordingly.

Some urologists suggest for cryosurgery but this method is not much popular. The androgen deprivation can also be done with some anti androgens available in the market.

It is the feed back of many urologists that when, patient is on androgen derivation along with external beam radiation, the out come is much better. The acceptance of this therapy is also increasing.

Majority of the urologists avoid instituting any local aggressive therapy. It is because lymph nodes are already affected and they become larger in size. This increases the suffering of the patient in local aggressive therapy. At the same time, the relapse rates become higher in such cases.

There is good news for you also. Most of the advanced stage patients fall in the aged group. They have less than 10 years in their normal life expectancy. It is seen sometime ‘wait and watch method’ is to be considered best. The death rate is approximately 10% due to prostate cancer in this age group.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Prognosis and Life Expectancy

It is seen that after taking adequate measure, the relapse rate is approx. 3 years. Some bone density improvement is also observed in patients, who were on androgen deprivation therapy.

You should also know that once, relapse is reported, the life expectancy gets limited. If this is the case, clinicians mainly advocate for supportive therapies.

  • The first aim of the supportive therapy is mainly directed to control the pain so that patient can get some physical relief and some additional anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The second aim is to provide the dietary and life style modification. This way, the quality of life can be improved in the end stages of the patient.

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