Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

External Prostate Massage Concerns Explained!

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What is external prostate massage?

external prostate massage

There are two types of prostate massage: - internal and external. The external one does not include putting your fingers in your anus.

It is a preferred method by many men, especially the ones between 35 and 40 years old. This massage results are equal to those obtained from internal prostate massage. In addition, you will have less risk for self-injuries.

What are the indications and the benefits of this male massage?

Sometimes men feel extreme pain in the prostate gland. The pain could be burning or stabbing, and sometimes, it is always present.

Men feel frightened to go to the bathroom or to have sexual intercourse, because they would feel much more and worsen pain. Pain in the gland is one of the indications for external massage, where it is relieved after several sessions.

Inflammation in the gland not caused by bacteria or virus is indication for external massage, also. It is important to visit your doctor prior to the sessions because he must tell you whether you have bacterial infection or not.

How do you do an external prostate massage?

The massage could be completed by your therapist or by yourself. It is recommended to visit your therapist, when you perform the procedure for a first time. He will provide you with deep explanations about the procedure.

He may also tell you about the Prostate Cradle, which is unique device, used for external massage on the prostate gland. The procedure is much simpler than the internal prostate massage.

When you do the prostate massage, you must:

After you feel this area, place your fingers on it.

Before you start the massage, you can put a hot towel on this area. The hot towel will cause dilatation of the blood vessels and the blood flow in the prostate gland will be better. This will improve the quality of the massage

Start the massage gently. In some rare (unlike internal massage) the man who performs external massage could reach orgasm. This does not indicate that he suffers from something

Problems associated with external prostate massage

The inexperienced men often exert too much pressure on the area between the anus and scrotum. This may cause significant pain, which will worsen their condition.

In addition, no man is supposed to start the therapy on his own before he consults with a therapist. The reason for this is simple - if there is a bacterial infection and no treatment is applied, he may damage his prostate gland further before the proper treatment is used.

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