Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

How Far to Go with Fingers when Self-milking?

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QUESTION: I would like to do this myself, but have not been able to find it when I put my finger inside.

How far in do I have to go with my finger? Any other help suggestions?


Prostate milking is something very healthful and important for the whole organism. However, this procedure is difficult to be executed by a single person, especially when he is trying to use his fingers, and is an in-experienced one.

Normally, the prostate is situated in a place, which can be reached by person with long fingers. Because of this fact, some of the men which are trying to this by themselves, are using dildos or other long objects which are also soft.

The prostate gland is situated between the bladder and the rectum. As you probably know the bladder is something which you can press, because it is situated in the lower part of the abdomen, when we are looking the human body from the front.

However, if you take a look from the side, the bladder is situated in the front and the rectum is situated in the back. From this point of view, the prostate gland is in the middle.

If you are trying to touch it and to massage it, you have to reach its exact location and to know how to put your finger in the anus.

  • First of all, in purpose to reach the prostate gland from the anus, you have to sit with your legs a part.

    After this you have to situate your hand in a way where the palm can touch your testicles.

    Then, try to insert your index in the anus to the first joint of your
    finger and wait for a few seconds. You are doing this, because a sudden and fast insertion of your finger may cause pain.

    After this, insert the whole finger in the anus and look for a small eminence. This eminence is the prostate gland and it has to be situated at a distance of 7-10cm from your anus.

    As soon as you reach this eminence, start to massage it. You will understand if this eminence is your prostate gland by your feeling.

    If you are not feeling anything, try to look for another eminence, which is at the mentioned distance.

    You don’t have to worry if you find two or three eminences, because sometimes, the mucosa of the rectum is forming eminences, due to the tone of the muscles inside the wall of the rectum.

  • As I mentioned above, sometimes, the fingers of the man are not quite long to touch the prostate gland and because of this fact, most of the men which are doing prostate milking are using dildos.

  • It is important for you to know that you have to insert the dildo in an angle of 20-30 degrees and the front part of the dildo has to be upwards.

    The dildo is more comfortable than the finger, because its surface is bigger, which provides you grater chance to touch your prostate.

    When you insert your dildo at 7-10 cm, start the massage and you will know if you are touching your prostate or not.

  • At the end, I want to remind you the risks of performing prostate milking by yourself.

    That will include from damages of the anatomical structure to any other trauma problems. Therefore, if you do not feel like doing yourself, you can ask anyone from medical team to help or train you.

    Hope it helped!


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