Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Internal Prostate Massage - How To Perform This Male Massage?

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internal prostate massage benefits

Internal prostate massage - the definition

The definition of this technique is relatively simple. It is a kind of massage technique used to treat many diseases, related to prostate gland.

The prostate massage relieves the pain in the prostate gland; while some men consider this sexually arousing, because this massage often leads to ejaculation.

Internal prostate massage - Indications and benefits

One of the indications for this type of massage is the prostate pain. Men in all ages could experience prostate pain, which is a common reason for reduced quality of life. Chronic pain may cause depression and this massage may relief it for good.

Prostatitis (inflammation in the Prostate gland), the type that is not caused by bacteria, could be treated with this type of massage, too.

The painful swelling because of Prostatitis will be removed and all men who have chosen to undergo it will be happy with their decision. The benefit of this massage is pain-free life.

Step by step performance of the internal prostate massage

It is relatively easy to complete prostate massage, when you know what you are supposed to do. First of all, you may pay a visit to your therapist and he will explain you how the procedure is completed correctly.

There are several steps, which you need to follow, when you perform the procedure by yourself:

Relaxation - this is very important because the muscles in your rectal area may not allow you to enter your anus, if they are contracted. Read your favorite magazine or watch a comedy on the TV to relax.

You may use any laxatives as they will allow you to penetrate in your anus without causing any pain.

Cut your nails -you do not want to hurt yourself, when you are in there.

Gently put your middle or point finger in your anus. Take your time, you want to get used to this new feeling as soon as possible.

After that, gently search for your prostate gland. It is located on the surface, parallel to your belly. It is bulb in shape and you will not have troubles finding it.

When you locate it, gently start to massage it. Do not rush or do anything fancy there because you may hurt yourself. There are many nerves down there.

After some time, you will start enjoying it; and perhaps, you will start ejaculating.

Side effects and contraindications of the internal prostate massage

If the prostate massage is not completed in the correct way, as it is supposed to be, there are some side effects related to it.

If the Prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection, the prostate massage could contribute to disseminating the process to the epididymis.

In addition, blood dissemination is also possible, which is even more dangerous.

If you consult your doctor first, before starting to massage your prostate, it will allow you to know whether you have some of the contraindications for prostate massage.

Some of them are: bacterial Prostatitis, rectal bleeding, fever, your mental condition, and some others your doctor will judge depending on your current health condition.

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