Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Understand the Male Prostate Massage - Benefits and Side Effects

Male prostate massage - What's new for this concept?

People still wonder what this prostate massage is for although the information given in the network or books. It is a medically proven procedure, which is used to treat many of the disease that affect your prostate gland.

Benefits of prostate massages

The next step on understanding the massaging (milking) of prostate is related to your close contact with doctors. Actually, doctors agree with the fact that prostate needs to be massaged.

It is estimated that trough the prostate massage the blood flow in the gland is ameliorated. Moreover, when you undergo male prostate massage, you secrete sperm, without ejaculation.

The clinical trials have estimated that these kinds of procedures lower the chances for developing Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy- BPH and prostatitis.

These two diseases bother every man in the world. That’s why male prostate massage is the perfect way to prevent your prostate suffering from them.

There exist two methods of massaging your prostate : internally and externally.

Prostate massage - the side effects

The side effects of massaging your prostate are very few (for not saying NONE at all!). We can't say totally "NONE" as inexperienced men may experience some troubles during the massaging, especially when they perform it by themselves.

The most common side effect is injury of the skin or anus when finger goes inside during the male prostate massage. However, they become serious only when you or the other person you decide to do the prostate milking for you, penetrates the finger rudely and forcefully.

The anal area is very sensitive and gentle and that’s why you have to be very careful, when you enter it. Therefore, you need to practice to make sure that you will better your overall performance.

Other side effects of internal or external massaging your prostate include infections. As you "going around" the anal area (where the feces pass to leave the body), if you do not follow hygienic measures (wear gloves, clean of anal area and perineum); the chances you get infections are high.

Keep in mind to pass the motion first before performing massage because, as there will be a "nerve-explosion", you'll get troubles with feces. Your nails should be cut in order to avoid injury.

Psychological affections and emotions are part of us, as humans. If you decide to perform male prostate massage, you need to get psychologically and emotionally prepared.

Think the benefits you will get: that explosion of positive sensations, getting relieved (as you will undergo an orgasm without ejaculation), you won't have pain or that fastidious feeling in your prostate (lower abdomen) area anymore.

There are some things you can do to relax. You need to lie down on a comfortable bed. You might read some jokes online to increase the relaxation level. You could read your favorite magazine or watch a comedy show on the TV.

After totally relaxed, start your "massaging" journey.

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