Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Prostate Hand Massage Technique - Relief Pain For Good!

Prostate hand massage technique - what is it used for?

This type of prostate massage is used to relief the pain in the prostate gland. The prostate gland is massaged by the fingers and that’s why this type of prostate massage is known as “prostate hand massage”.

There are many benefits of using this massage technique. Many men consider this “gay”, but this massage has nothing in common with the sexual orientation. It is just another way to remove the pain the prostate gland.

Procedure descriptions of the prostate hand massage technique

Probably the most important part is relaxation. Many men struggle to relax because they consider this “gay”. However, they have their backs against the wall because they feel terrible pain in the prostate gland. They have to do it, but, at the same time, they feel worried.

There are numerous of way to achieve relaxation. Watching a movie or doing crosswords will help greatly because these procedures occupy the mind of the person. Once relaxation is achieved, you may carry on with the procedure.

Remove your nails from your fingers. Since you are entering very gentle and rich on nerves area, you need to do your best not to harm it. The nails could injure the anal area, which is very unpleasant.

Use any kind of lubricants, you can find. It does not matter what their type is, they will do the job. For a newbie, it is important to put sufficient amount of lubricant because in most cases, the relaxation is not achieved.

Insert your finger(s) in your anus. You may use the point or middle finger, it does not matter. However, since the middle finger is longer, you may want to leave it, till you get some experience.

Once you are in there, you want to check out the surface in your anus for bulb-like structure. There is not way that you can miss it. This is your prostate gland.

When you know that this is your prostate gland, you may want to start the massage. Do not rush but enjoy the procedure. In most cases, you will ejaculate because of the procedure. This is absolutely normal and you do not need to worry about that. It does not mean that you are “gay”!

Alternatives to prostate hand massage technique

Some men feel uncomfortable using their fingers, when they perform the prostate hand massage. Good alternative to this is the external massage, where you do not enter your anus with your fingers. You massage your perineum.

Furthermore, special prostate massage devices were created for internal or external prostate massage. They are a good alternative to the hand massage for the men, who do not feel well using their fingers.

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