Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

How To Cure Enlarged Prostate?

by Joe Sawyer
(Fort Worth, Texas USA)

QUESTION: I have been to a Urologist for burning and frequent urinating. His diagnosis was:Not completely emptying the bladder and BPH.

I had a foley catheter in for about 3 weeks.I got a UTI before it was removed. I took the antibiotics and the infection cleared up.Urine stream was a lot stronger.

My doctor suggested I should self cath.His nurse showed me how to self cath.I prefer self cathing over the foley.

My doctor has not done the yearly digital rectal exam or the psa. I would have thought he would have done this when I first came in.

What are your thoughts on this?



First, I am sorry for the fastidious situation you are in. At the same time, I encourage you to go on with doing the right things to overcome your BPH problems.

Now, as I do not know what the procedures for diagnosing and treating a first-come patient with bph, I can only speak on our experiences here.

In general, when a person comes for the first time, especially when he is a male over 50s, we do recommend a list of diagnostic and laboratory analysis before coming to a conclusion, as following:

- urine feme + urine culture (to diagnose any probable UTI as many prostate problems come with UTI)

- ultrasound of abdomen, paying special attention to prostate, urine bladder and kidneys.

- PSA (to exclude prostate cancer)

- digital examination (to examine the exact condition of the prostate and, at the same time, to exclude prostate cancer).

If something wrong is noticed, actions are made. As in your case, your doctor has posed his attention to treat UTI, and prostate
problems with antibiotics and catheter, respectively.

Usually, patients who have taken antibiotics are asked to repeat the urine analysis 10 to 15 days after finishing the first treatment. If there is still infection noticed, then, he is advised to repeat the right treatment, and after that, to repeat the urine analysis (in total 3 times).

Sometimes, when patients with BPH have UTI, PSA might show false results. That could be the reason why your doctor did not set you for the PSA analysis. After the UTI has been totally cleared up (as mentioned above); perhaps he will ask to do PSA.

However, as I do not have your medical history, do not take my judgement as conclusive.

  • I could suggest (you can ask your doctor also) to keep repeating urine analysis continuously;

  • You start drinking uva ursi or rosa canina tea (you can also ask your doctor) to alleviate your symptoms as I have noticed amelioration in the status of my BPH patients.

  • Please try to avoid certain foods and drinks that can irritate the urinary tract, and prostate for not having problems:

    - avoid coffee, alcohol, fried and prickles, spicy or those foods with high acidity as they can irritate your prostate.

    - avoid drinking water at dinner or bedtime as it will cause you to wake up several times during night. I encourage to drink plenty of water, but during all day long.

    - Certain sportive activities, such as jogging or cycling might aggravate your prostate condition and symptoms. Therefore, you are advised not to apply these kind of sports.

    At last, you can discuss with your doctor for all your concerns as he/she knows better your medical history rather than I do.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


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