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Unable to empty my bladder after i urinate

by Severo

Prostate enlargement unable to empty the bladder

Prostate enlargement unable to empty the bladder

QUESTION: Whenever i make a pee o notice that there is something blocking my bladder to empty it and i felt it in my anus that after exerting to FART there is tendency to urinate more and feel satisfied.

It looks like there is connection of my anus whenever i make a pee. Sometimes not bad but sometimes its bad that i make a pee after then make another pee afterwards.

And notice that FARTING makes me feel relieve after peeing in which additional urine more is discharge. And i notice also that the tube of my penis when i make a pee is that it burst into direction at first so whenever i pee some is splashed to the floor.

What do u think?


All the problems you are telling lead to only one condition - prostate enlargement. The problems you you are prescribing are characteristic for urine retention - a condition caused by a prostate enlargement.

In purpose to understand why you are not able to urinate normally, before defecating or farting and why you are starting to pee normally and at some point the urine flow stops, I need to explain you some things about the anatomical structure of your body, in particular of your prostate.

Just imagine a section of a human body from a lateral point of view. The prostate gland is situated in the middle, while in front of it there are several bones which are protecting the prostate gland and other nearby organs from physical damages.

Now, urethra is an organ (a tube) through which the urine goes out the organism. This organ passes through the prostate gland (i.e. prostate surrounds it).

At the back of the prostate gland, it is situated a part of your large intestine, known as rectum, which finishes in your anus. There are bones at the back of the rectum, which are executing protective function.

  • The distances between the rectum and the prostate is about 2-3 cm. Because of this, when your prostate is enlarged it presses the urethra and the rectum, because
    the bones are forming a solid construction which can’t be stretched.

    At the early stages of the prostate enlargement, the prostate presses only the urethra, which is causing the urine retention. During the urine retention, you are supposed to urinate only small portions of urine, about 10-15 times a day.

    When your prostate is about 5-7 times larger than the normal size, it presses the rectum too. The normal function of the rectum is to collect the fart and the excrement, so, you can go to the toilet only one or two times a day.

    Because of the collective function of the rectum, it normally enlarges. The enlarged rectum is not allowing the enlarged prostate to take his normal places, which leads to greater pressure on the urethra.

    When you fart or defecate, your rectum becomes smaller, which provides enough space for the enlarged prostate and this reduced the pressure on the urethra. That is the reason why you are urinating better after farting.

    Because of the small distance between the prostate and the rectum, your prostate can be examined through the anus. This examination is called Digital Rectal Examination (DRE).

    Normally, the prostate can’t be touched with the finger, but if there is a prostate enlargement the doctor can touch it.

  • The reason why you are urinating normally at the beginning and then, the flow is reduced is also the enlarge prostate.

    As I mentioned above, the enlarged prostate presses the urethra, which stops the normal urine flow. But sometimes, the amount of urine in the bladder is big, which creates enough pressure for the urine to get out of the bladder.

    In this time, small amount of urine comes out of the bladder and goes to the urethra, but most of the urine stays in the bladder.

    My advice is to go to your doctor for a consultation about the status of your prostate. The prostate enlargement is condition which appears as a result of several diseases, some of them are benign, but others are very dangerous.

    Therefore, a consultation with your doctor will determine your status and follow-up.

    All the best!


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    Mar 25, 2017
    Please send your health query.
    by: Dr.Albana


    Please give more details about your health problems.

    We are here to help.

    Jan 01, 2017
    need help
    by: Anonymous

    thank you

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