Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

what is the natural solution for enlarged prostate gland and available in India

by indranil

QUESTION: My father age 61 year. Due to some enlarged prostate gland, he should some pain and not clear his urine and do urinate again and again. So what to do?

ANSWER: Hi Indranil,

First of all, I should know his ultrasound and urine test results to understand better his situation. In lack of such info, I can only suggest:

1- Ask your father to drink uva ursi or rosa canina tea, at least twice a day. As long as I know, these two teas are also available in India.

2- Ask your father to drink water or juices during day, avoiding too much drinks at dinner or at night. This will help not to wake up during night.

3- Ask your father to avoid alcoholic drinks, smoking, fried, chilly or oily foods to avoid bladder irritation.

4- Ask your father not to keep urine when it is time to urinate as it will be worst for him. Ask him to immediately go to bathroom each time he feels to.

5- If the urine test resulted in urinary tract infection (UTI), then, an antibiotic treatment should be started together with urine alkalinizer. Keep in mind not to stop uva ursi or rosa canina while on prostate medications unless his doctor will ask to.

6- Please do the ultrasound and prostate digital test to your father to realize if his prostate enlargement has changed to prostate cancer or not. The consultation with his urologist will decide if your father should undergo surgery or not.

All the best!


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