Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Prostate not determined to be enlarged but urinary problems continue, PSA mid range

QUESTION: PSA are mid range. Years of urinary split stream, slowed flow to some times dribbles. In past year, after episode of urinary infection with blood found in urine and antibiotics, continued episodes of night time frequency, have decreased with Provastar (saw pometto).

Urinary retention is 689 voiding 168 in test after 6 weeks of max flow, side effects were progressively worse in those 6 weeks but flow was stronger of course. On rectal exam, prostate is not enlarged.

Remedy and supplements have worked showing most results that appear to subside after initial few months. Do not want to do invasive procedures. And want to resolve the problem. Often times, bowel movement occurs with push to void.

Now need is about a dozen times a day. Have seen many supplements. Out there thinking about acupuncture with new more fully complete supplement Ben Ong? Not sure which way to turn right now. Any ideas or concerns? Would be appreciated!

ANSWER: Hi there,

First of all, you haven’t mentioned the exact result of your prostate biopsy and if a prostate biopsy was estimated. This is quite important, because sometimes people with urinary problems have a prostate cancer and not a BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia or hypertrophia).

In addition, this is good explanation, why all the drugs used on you are not having permanent effect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just telling you that you might have prostate cancer, but do not dare to say it for 100% sure you have.

  • Regarding the PSA test, mid-range results are something very good for those with prostate problems. However, it would be very nice from you to give me the exact result of the test in purpose to be sure that everything is ok.

  • In addition, I’m not able to provide you sure and correct information about Saw Palmetto, because it is not approved by FDA as it is not considered a drug.

    However, I could say that the first line of treatment of a prostate problem (whether BPH or others) is
    to relax the urinary tract muscles in order to alleviate the urinary symptoms.

    In your case, Saw Palmetto or other herbs (e.g. rosa canina, uva ursi, etc.) have shown good results in patients with prostate problems.

    It is quite good that you want to stick to the drug treatment of BPH, because there are several other types of drugs used for this.

    Alpha-1- blockers and finasteride are among those approved by FDA, and my recommendation is to visit your doctor and to ask him about these drugs. He/she will be able to conclude, which is going to be the most effective drug in your case.

  • Remember that the rectal exam is not something that can show the exact size of the prostate, because it depends on the personal sensation of the doctor and to where your prostate grows.

    If you see a picture of prostate taken from aside, you will see that it can grow versus the rectal (to the back) and to the front.

  • With regards to acupuncture, I have to inform you that I’m not sure how it is going to help you with this problem. However, this kind of therapy is harmless, so you can give it a try.

    There is certain information about patients who have forgotten about their prostate problems thanks to the acupuncture.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is believed to enhance that energy and circulation in the prostate gland as it decreases by age.

  • Regarding the Ben Ong supplement, you have to know that it is created from a non-medical doctor, which means that he doesn’t know what is causing the prostate enlargement and how a doctor have to treat this problem.

    When a men has problems to the prostate, there are many deficiencies in his microelements from which he is suffering. Therefore, all the supplements are giving this microelements enhancement to compensate what is missing.

    At the end, although I feel sorry to say it, but the operational treatment is the only choice, when the drug treatment is not effective.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


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