Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc


QUESTION: I am experiencing penis pain also when i urinate. Is this related to my enlarged prostate.


Partially, your pain is related to your enlarged prostate gland. However, there are many other factors that can contribute to penis pain, including:

  • urinary tract infection - when infected urine passes the infected urethra

  • genital infections, including urethral ones.

  • trauma to penis, including those during sexual contact.

    Most probably, when you have enlarged prostate, the most common causes of penis pain are due to uro-genital infection. Once you treat the infections, you will not experience the pain.

    Sometimes, when the prostate gland has huge size, it can suppress the nearby nerves, causing pain of the pelvic organs, including penis.

    Check with your urologist whether the pain is caused by a trauma or uro-genital infection to get the right treatment.


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    How to overcome enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction problems?

    QUESTION: Can an enlarged prostate cause erectile dysfunction problems? How to overcome them? What is the best treatment?

    ANSWER: Hi,

    So far, erectile dysfunction is prescribes as inability of a men to achieve or maintain the exact erection that is needed during a normal intercourse.

    When the prostate is enlarged, one male has fastidious problems with non-complete urination and pain.

    As the erection or arousal is a "mixture" of psychological and physical factors; an enlarged prostate can indirectly affect erection.

    Because male feel pain or fastidious urinary tract problems, their level of anxiety, worried are all increased; while their self-estimation is down.

    Therefore, these "down" psychological changes will negatively affect the erection process or sometimes, after achieving erection, males cannot sustain it for a successful intercourse.

    Actually, this is like a "closed" circle: once the males cannot achieve erection, they restart being anxious again; thus, facilitating the "downstream" of erectile dysfunction.

    How to overcome enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction?

  • Each of the lifestyle and dietary changes that are advised to a patient with enlarged prostate gland are also applicable in alleviating erectile dysfunction.

  • Some doctors advise their patients to read more on sex books to increase the sexual desire of their patients; consequently, reducing the difficulties in erection.

  • In some other cases, erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps are also advised, but you need to talk to your doctor if you are eligible.

  • Although natural remedies are not widely accepted; they have been used since ancient times. So, certain nutritional supplements (vitamin C & E, arginine, bioflavonoids, zinc, flaxseed meal, etc; are commonly used as natural treatments for erectile dysfunction problems in patients with enlarged prostate.

  • Asean herbs like ginkgo bilboa and ginger are well-known for their effects too. On the other hand, acupuncture is another alternative for these kind of problems.


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