Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Role of prostate cancer erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps?

QUESTION: How are the prostate cancer erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps used? Are they effective? Which cancer patient can used it and when? Thank you.


Erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps are specific devices that are used to achieve and maintain the erection (which is finalized by the mean of a band).

Prostate cancer patients, for one reason or another have problems with erectile dysfunction. However, to help them out, certain doctors will recommend the use of these devices.

  • You are asking if vacuum constriction devices are effective. It all depends on the individual who is using it. However, up to 80% of men who have used this device has expressed their satisfaction.

    As for any other "artificial" method to get and maintain erection, it has been noticed that satisfaction rates has declined by passing of time.

  • Who is eligible to use this device specifically?

    Prostate cancer patients who had undergone surgery can use it; but, first they need to consult their doctor when to start because they need a convalescent period after surgery.

    This device is usually designed for every male who has problems with penis blood flow, such as diabetics, sickle anemia, etc. So, it is not only for prostate cancer patients.

  • How does this device work?:

    Before using it, you should have trimmed the pubic hair and clean the pubic area.

    As the device contains a plastic cylindrical part that should be place around the penis; while the other part consists of a pump, which can be managed either manually or automatically depending on the brand of the vacuum device.

    Once the air is pumped out, the penis will be erected enough for an intercourse; therefore, the band (the last part of vacuum restriction device) should be placed in the lower part of the penis to keep it erected.

    At the end, the cylinder is displaced together with the pump. Thus, intercourse can be done together with band placed in the penis.

    Be careful not to keep the band more than 30 minutes for effective erection and to avoid problems.


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