Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Ejaculation Problems - Pain and Loss of Pleasure!

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Today, I want to share with you a problem that Mr. Khalid Hussain from Pakistan has mailed me. It is regarding some pain and pleasure loss while ejaculating he is experiencing as written below:

"Some 10 years back, I use to feel severe pain at the time of ejaculation, which I got treated. But later slowly I started to lose the pleasure that one can feel during ejaculation.

Some times, I feel comfortableness if sitting on a chair for a long time. Since then, I have consulted many Urologists in Karachi.

All of them had prescribed various antibiotics and some of them advised surgery. Ultrasound report suggests that Prostate is not enlarged.

I'm 50 now, smoker but with overall good health with no any known disease.

One Urologist advised Prostate massage or milking, but it was too complicated to do by myself at home.

I shall therefore, highly appreciate, if you kindly advise some treatment.

Thanking you in advance."

Now, as you may see, your clinical background, Mr.Khalid, it indicates for some kind of chronic infection in your uro-genital tract. To me, it is related to Prostatitis, infection of the prostate gland, and urethritis, infection of urethra. 

Please understand that prostatitis is very difficult to treat. It requires antibiotics to be used in long-term periods according to an appropriate laboratory exam of urethral fluid culture.

In addition, it requires a strict diet (no fatty foods, no salt, no fried foods, etc.) together with a strict lifestyle change (no smoking, not having more than 1 sexual partner, etc.).

As I may see from your personal data, you are a smoker, who can negatively contribute to your prostate health. I cannot judge further as I do lack information regarding your diet and other lifestyle habits you follow.

Moreover, prostate massaging or milking is another option which is being advised to patients like you when they have chronic prostatitis problems. You have 2 other possibilities to perform this kind of massaging rather than doing yourself at home:

1- in collaboration to any local health-care provider (doctor or nurse). You can talk to your urologist to set up some kind of schedule for professional massaging.

2- in collaboration with your partner. However, your partner should be trained before performing such massaging.

The second option is not advised by me because there can be many side effects including local laceration or infection. I would prefer you go for the first option. 

At the end, as your ultrasound reports no enlarged prostate, then:

- talk to your doctor for the right antibiotic treatment according to the culture result as above-mentioned

- perform the massaging

- have a break to your sexual life until your problems are set or according to your personal doctor opinion as I do lack many health data you have

- Once you set the problems to your prostatitis or urethritis, you will see betterment in your sexual life too.

Hope it helped!


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