Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Do I have Chronic Prostatitis?

by Ali Al Habsi


I have been having this Prostatitis for long time with out I know that I am having it until last week,I reported to many local Doctors here and never said that I have it.

I feel pain when I do sex and the pain all around the area of bottom side. Sometimes, I don't feel like doing sex at all. I am always having headache and fever and sometime can't concentrate on doing thing and I do forget things.

I am looking for treatment and do I need to travel to have treatment?

ANSWER: Hi there

First of all, you have to know that the chronic prostatitis is an infection which lasts longer than 3 months, or which appears several times a year.

Besides this, the symptoms of this infection include pain or burning while urinating, pain during ejaculation, chills, fever and others.

In addition, the pain in the lower area during sexual intercourse is also typical for patients with prostatitis.

Because of this, I can tell you that it sounds that you most probably have prostatitis, but you have to tell your doctor for how long you are having those symptoms and if those symptoms are occurred several times a year.

  • Anyways, you have to perform certain tests, in purpose to confirm prostatitis as diagnose and to apply proper treatment.

    Those tests are CBC panel, which means that you have to give blood sample, and sterile urine. You have to follow the instructions of your doctor in purpose to give sterile urine.

    After the urine sample, a specialist will look for bacteria in there and he will estimate the exact type of bacterium, which causes the infection.

    When the bacterium is found, you will be given antibiotic with vitamins, which will kill the all the bacteria in there.

    However, you have to know that if you have chronic prostatitis, the antibiotic will help you to remove the bacteria this time and to reduce the symptoms, but you will have again similar problems.

    But, if those symptoms are occurred for first time and they last no more than 3 months, you will get rid of this condition permanently.

    Because of this, speak with your doctor about it and give sterile urine. After the antibiotic treatment everything is going to ok.

    Keep in mind not to have intercourse when you are on treatment, and ask your partner (if you have only one) to perform her some lab exams.

    Hope it helped!


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