Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Hyperthermia prostate cure

hyperthermia prostate cure

hyperthermia prostate cure

QUESTION: How does hyperthermia prostate cure work? Is it relevant for any of prostate problems or only for certain ones?


Hyperthermia is considered as a very interesting and "clever" method for the treatment of all types of cancer. The hyperthermia is caused in a specific location by means of microwaves and ultrasound waves as the irradiation with these waves is causing heating in this particular location.

As you may know, all the cancers are made of low-differentiate cells, which have the ability to multiply very fast. Although these cells do differentiate in some way, however, they still have higher metabolism rate and low ability to handle with the changed environmental conditions.

For example, when there is a local elevation of the temperature in the certain area of the organism, the blood flow in this specific area is also increased with the only purpose to cool this area.

As a consequence, the normal tissues may survive even to very high temperatures. Meanwhile, the tumor cells do not have many blood vessels, and they are not capable of handling with the high temperature. Therefore, the heat can cause their death.

The unpleasant situation is created because the tumor cells are at different levels of differentiation. In other words, some of the tumor cells might die at low temperatures, but other cells might die at the higher temperature.

That is the reason why this procedure has to be performed several times on purpose to kill all the tumor cells in this particular area.

Nowadays, this type of treatment is at the early stages of development because the scientists haven’t found which particular temperature is causing the death of the prostate cancer cells.

This type of therapy is stranded well from the patients at the early stages of prostate cancer. However, is not tested at those at the end stage of prostate cancer.

It is quite possible for this therapy to damage the organism in some way, but this is still yet unknown.

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