Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Direct Injections into the prostate

by Pat Cameron
(Pearland, TX)

QUESTION: Does anyone know a doctor that does direct antibiotic injections with massage and clearing of the acini in the prostate?

I have been on Cipro for 30 days and developed gout.. and severe constipation.
Infection came back and started Cipro again only to have constipation again.

Also tried Macrobid (30 days), Amoxycillin, and Doxycycline.
All give me constipation. Now I am OK but prostatitis coming back.. my right ball is swollen.

Another question, Mucinex thins nasal secretions... so could it thin out my semen and acini allowing trapped infection to be released?

Wish I could teach my wife to do prostate drainage?


As I can see, there are many problems concerning you. With regards to the antibiotics, I understand that they cause constipation as they damage the balance of normal intestinal flora (normal bacteria residing in the intestines).

You can talk to your doctor to take some antimycotics (nystatin or others) and probiotics or/and lactobacilli to ease your constipation situation while you are on antibiotic treatment.

  • Next, although antibiotics are really good in , they long-term therapy is needed as it is difficult for them to enter the prostatic cells.

    In addition, you can ask your doctor if they apply the direct injection of antibiotics in the prostate. To my own knowledge, I know that this
    a new approach carried out from only specialized urologists.

    In addition, it is really painful and associate with blood in semen and semen in urine.

    However, in these cases, it is necessary to do semen culture in order to determine the causative microbe (bacteria, yeast or others) and the right antibiotics or other drugs.

  • With regards to Mucinex, it is a mixture of drugs used to ease upper respiratory congestion (including nasal, bronchial, etc.).

    The target of using Mucinex are the cells in the upper respiratory tract and not the prostatic cells.

  • You are saying that you want to teach your wife to drainage your prostate. In fact, you can teach her to do the external prostate massage.

    As your wife is inexperienced, it is better not to try internal prostate massage to avoid any unpleasant side effect.

    At last, I want to remind you that the medications and prostate massage alone can't help you much in easing prostate problems.

    You should change your lifestyle and diet habits in order to have success. These changes include: not smoking, not drinking alcohol, not eating fatty or high calorie-foods, not conducting a sedentary life, etc.

    These changes together with the medical treatment will really help you.

    You should always be in contact with your doctor to find the right answer to your health problems.

    Hope it helped!


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