Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Enlarged Prostate Frequency Urgency Urinary Problems

by Haroon Zakaria


My age is 75 years and have no Blood-Pressure,or Diabetes.

Due to enlarged-prostate, I have frequency and urgency urinary problems. So to say
that every hour, I feel very urgency for urine.

I have consulted several Urologists in Karachi. Some of them advise me for Surgery Treatment while some advise me not to go for surgery.

Doctors have prescribed me TEMSOLIN (0.4mg), PROSCAR (5mg) etc. but no effect.

Please advise me wether I should agree for surgery or take medicines.

If you can sujjest me some herbal medicine which can reduce my Enlarged Prostate and solve my frequency and URGENCY urinary problems?

Await your comments.


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ANSWER: Hi Haroon,

I understand your health condition is not that good, especially at your age. You are asking me something that only your doctor would exactly decide.

However, I could give my opinion as following:

- Have you had an urine analysis (for any urinary tract infection-UTIs)? Usually, enlarged prostate problems and UTIs go together.

If this is the case, you can take the right medications (usually antibiotics), to fight the infection according to the urine culture results.

- Next, it is true that there are some herbs that can ameliorate the enlarged prostate problems. They include: saw palmeto, pygeum, soy, pumpkin seeds, etc.

The pharmaceutical machinery has moved forward and come out with the extract of these herbs for enlarged prostate in case you cannot find at your place.

- Furthermore, lifestyle habits are also important in enlarged prostate.

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Burning During Urination & Lower Abdominal Pain

by Ephraim Wans
(calabar, cross river state, nigeria)


I was diagnosed prostate enlargement in 2008 and since then I had undertaken other tests to confirm its present in my body.

My PSA level was 1.6 in 2008 and 1.9 in 2011. Now I constantly experience burning sensation during urination and I do not enjoy sex because my penis does not erect most time.

I do experience abdominal pains when I press my lower part of my belly.

Two months ago I have been on tamsolusin drug but no solution yet. Please advise me on which treatment that I can take to prevent pains during urination and reaching sexual orgasm.

I am waiting, please.

ANSWER: Hi Ephraim,

Usually, prostate enlargement is associated with urinary tract problems (e.g. infections) and genital problems.

Now, as you are saying that you have burning sensation when urinating and lower abdominal pain, I would recommend to conduct these lab tests:

- Urine test

- Urine culture

These tests would help you identify whether you have UTIs and what medications you should take (antibiotics). Your urologists would give you the exact drug.

  • Next, lower abdominal pain is also associated with genital problems like the enlarged prostate (as it pushes the organs there).

    What I see, your PSA level is normal, therefore, I would exclude prostatitis. Please do not take my judgement as 100% correct as I do not know your medical data.

    I am giving my opinion according to your sayings. Further exams and evaluation from your doctor is required.

  • In addition, I would like to know if you suffer from diabetes or heart disease.

    If you do not know to have these diseases, please perform:

    - Fasting blood glucose

    - A1C test

    - ECG

    - Heart ultrasound.

    These tests will help you identify these problems.

  • Lower abdominal pain is also associated with colon or bowl problems. You can ask your doctor to go for abdominal ultrasound or colonoscopy for further diagnosis.

    Next, you can perform Fecal examination for parasites and candida infection of colon.

  • At the end, if you do not have diabetes or heart disease, you can consult your urologist to ask for some medications to elongate the erection.

    In any case, I would recommend the use of herbs (as teas or supplements, like uva ursi tea, saw palmetto, etc.) that would alleviate your urogenital problems.

    Hope it helped!


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