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Since last 3 years I am having enlarged prostate, where some residue of urine is remaining.
Since I am suffering from diabetes, earlier there was frequent urination.

Now, I have a good control on my diabetes, earlier One Doctor prescribed me TAMSULIN, which I used for one year and after one year of use, when I examined medically, I found there is no reduction of size of prostate.

However, I want to inform you that I do not find any pain in passing urine. The urine flow is
not bad , as it has a speed while passing urine.

Recently, I contacted another Doctor, who prescribed me UROTON 2 Tabs and TAMDURA 1 tabs per day for 3 months.

After 3 months, if I continue this medicine, will there be any harm ??

If I stop consuming the medicine, if I again encounter some frequent urination, can I continue
the same medicine UROTON AND TAMDURA, for another 3 months.

Yours useful and experienced comment on this, will be solicited.


ANSWER: Hi Karan,

The very first problem I notice in your case is that you change doctors too often. In other words, you do not have one consultant doctor, but shift from one to another.

This is not a good practice. I would recommend to consult a family doctor who will ask for urologist and endocrinologist opinion from time in time depending on your health problems.

  • Next, you cannot stop or shift from one medicine to another without doctor's advice. As diabetes and prostate problems are chronic, you would have long-term consultations with your doctor to decide the right treatment strategy.

  • Furthermore, if your urologist prescribed Uroton and Tamdura for 3 months, that means you should set an appointment with your urologist after 3 months to valuate your health status.

    After 3 months, it is your urologist the only one who can set you for another 3 months of these medications, or you can stop one or both of them or how you can use them.

    You cannot decide to stop or restart the medications on your own. I repeat that this is a very bad and harmful practice.

  • At the end, I would recommend that medications alone cannot help you controlling diabetes and overcome enlarged prostate problems.

    Your lifestyle habits, dietary strategy, using specific herbs for both of these conditions; would help you a lot.

    However, do not forget to always consult your doctor and use the medications exactly as your doctor prescribed them.

    Hope it helped!


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