Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Best treatment for enlarged prostate: Terazosin or Saw Palmetto?

by Duane Peck
(hot springs s.d. 57747)

QUESTION: I started having on and off again fever, along with the inability to get a meaningful urinary flow going,it was a dribbling and upon stopping my bladder does not feel empty.

It has approved some over the last 3 days and the urinary flow is stronger but i know i am not completely emptying the bladder, plus i go every couple hours.

I take Terazosin 10mg and saw palmetto 450mgx2.

What would be the best treatment for me?

ANSWER: Hi Duane,

It seems that you are at the first stages of a prostate enlargement. However, I do not have other data, such as your ECHO results, urinary test, PSA result, when did the symptoms appear, your age, and for how long you have started your treatment.

All these data are necessary to come to a conclusion and fair advices.

Anyway, I will try to give some advices based on the data you provided:

- Try not to have drinks at night (have your meal at 6 o'clock; and your last drink - but do not drink too much). Have your drinks during the day.

- If your urine-analysis has shown a urine infection, you must treat it with antibiotics and urine alcalinizers and vitamin C.

- Apart terazosin and saw palmetto, have some rosa canina (dog-rose) tea. Try to drink at least twice daily. If you cannot find dog-rose, try Uva Ursi tea (twice daily - morning and evening).

To my opinion, this is your best treatment for enlarged prostate .

Be patient, it will take time to see the results. Take care!


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Home remedies for enlarged prostate

by fady
(Egypt . Aswan)

QUESTION: I wake up at night twice to urinate. Feel disorders in lower back. I go to bathroom every 1 hour.

ANSWER: Hi Fady,

To conclude about your health situation, I would like to know your age, medications you are taking, some facts on your lifestyle and diet habits, etc.

However, in lack of such data of yours, I could say, based on your telling, that going every hour in bathroom is not a good condition.

Therefore, you must appoint a visit with your doctor to check your bladder, kidneys and prostate; and to do some lab analysis (i.e urine feme and urine culture) to exclude infection of urinary tract.

As you are only asking for some natural home remedies for enlarged prostate, then:

1- Avoid smoking, alcohol, prickles (as I know you use it a lot in Egypt:), coffee, chillies, fried foods, etc., as they will irritate the urinary tract and you would pay more visits to bathroom.

2- Try to drink water during the day, avoid drinking lots of water at dinner, in order to limit your visits to bathroom.

3- Some of my patients are having good results by drinking herbal teas like uva ursi or rosa canina they prepare themselves. Try one of them and see the difference. They use to have them 3 times a day.

The main principle to combat the symptoms of enlarged prostate is to eliminate the irritants of urinary tract and/or those that increase the size of prostate gland.

Keeping in contact with your urologist will also help you prevent or limit the spread of prostate cancer.

All the best!


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