Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Quitting Flomax and Avodart and go back to Saw Palmetto

flomax for prostate treatments

flomax for prostate treatments

QUESTION: I used to take Saw Palmetto and did have to get up to urinate a few times in the evenings.

About three years ago, i had an accident on some stairs and had to have knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, i could not urinate, so the standing urologist placed me on Flomax and subsequently on Avodart and suggested that i stop taking Saw Palmetto.

Now, 3 years later i have lost 35 lbs !! from initial 180 lbs... I have had multiple tests which have uncovered no problems.... I suffer from weight loss, dizziness, restlessness, weakness, etc are a result of Flowmax and Avodart..... and want to get off of them.... what do you suggest ???


Although several drugs and herbs have been used for the treatment of BPH; however, sometimes, the drugs are not good enough or they are not in the right dose to improve your condition, therefore, it is a must to start using herbal treatment.

You have to know that Flomax and Avodart are two of the best medications used for the treatment of BPH.

  • Flomax is alpha-inhibitor, which is causing muscle relaxation, characterized by improved urine flow. However, sometimes, when you are taking it for several months or years, its effect disappears.

    This event is known as down regulation. Actually, down regulation is a process during which the number of the alpha receptors is reduced because the organism gets used to the drug and to the dose.

    In purpose to avoid this effect, all the doctors try to change the dose of this drug 3-4 times a year.

    With regards to dizziness and weakness; it is true that they are some of the side effects of
    this drug. Because of this fact, you have to go to your doctor and ask for dose adjustments.

  • Avodart is 5-alpha reductase inhibitor which is reducing the amount of testosterone in the organism.

    As you probably know, testosterone is a hormone contributing in the regulations of many metabolic and mental processes. Therefore, the reduced amount of testosterone in the organism can lead sometimes to restlessness and depression. However, these side effects are observed when the dose is not correct.

  • To give you and exact answer, I need to know the exact size of your prostate; because, if your prostate is 6-7 times larger than the normal one, you are supposed to take drugs.

    However, you can always ask your doctor to change your drugs with others as Flomax and Avodart are not the only drugs for the treatment of BPH after all.

    In purpose to improve you urine flow and to stimulate the effect of alpha blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, you can also do Kegel exercises.

  • In case the size of your prostate is 2-3 times than the normal one, you can go back to Saw Palmetto or to start using Nettle root extract.

    However, keep in mind that these herbs are not clinical tested and their side effects are unknown.

    All the best!


    more opinions! please!
    by: frank c

    We have started saw pawmetto for about 3 weeks mow and we are hoping for the best outcome.. has anyone else had side effects like muscle weight loss from advodart?

    How can sum1 lose such a tremendous weight reduction with nothing coming up in any tests??? All scans and blood tests are fine? Has to be the new meds.! Everything has went down hill with my father since flomax advodart!!

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