Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

What to do when I have the Symptoms of Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Once you or your beloved one notice the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer, it is a mandatory to see a doctor immediately. But it is always a good first step to know when prostate cancer is described as advanced one.

Unfortunately advanced prostate cancer occurs when cancer metastasizes or spreads outside prostate gland. It might affect the neighboring or distant organs, lymph nodes, and bone. In this stage it is also referred to as metastatic prostate cancer.

What are the most common advanced cancer symptoms?

    1. Having some difficulties in urination; this usually occurs when cancer causes lymph nodes to enlarge and block the urinary flow.

    2. Feeling weak or fatigue; this occurs when cancer cells invade bone marrow causing disruption of red blood cells production.

    3. Suffering from severe pain sensation, especially when cancer metastasizes to bone.

    4. Multiple bone fractures because bones will be severely weakened.

How to recognize the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer?

There exist the early symptoms of prostate cancer, like frequent and difficult urination, burning sensation while urinating, weak urinary flow, failure in erection, having blood in semen or urine, and pain in lower pelvic area; actually, you will have more treatment options than who notices symptoms of prostate cancer after it starts spreading.

Fortunately, these symptoms occur mostly in cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis (infection of prostate gland), or urinary tract infection. Now, how to recognize and differentiate these with thesymptoms of advanced prostate cancer?

Pay attention to every single change you notice in your body; you may refer to the symptoms above. So, if you always have been weak, but suddenly you notice a drastic weakness, that you haven’t had before, then it is a must to consult your doctor immediately.

Or you have had some body pain all the time; but recently you notice some episodes of severe pain or constant pain that doesn’t go even if you have some analgesics. Don’t wait more; seek your doctor help immediately.

What to do next?

You must have it clear that the advanced prostate cancer stage will come sooner or later, and some patients will suffer some symptoms, the others something different; but you must be prepared.

At this stage, your doctor will think on what to do. If you’re taking any treatment, he/she will think on which treatment to follow: the one you’re doing now or to shift to some other treatment. Of course, everything will be judged according to your symptoms and PSA test or biopsy.

Definitely, your doctor will advise you with the best treatment plan suitable for your case. Mostly, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy are treatments of choice in cases of advanced prostate cancer. Also, your doctor might suggest some drugs to relief the symptoms of bone metastasis like biphosphonates (Actonel or Zometa).

Furthermore, your doctor will recommend you to include more protein and calories to your diet, like adding extra milk, more eggs and cheese to your meals, if you can’t chew, sauces and gravies might be helpful. You need to be strong to fight cancer.

How to take care of yourself when you’ve symptoms of advanced prostate cancer?

It is normal to experience a lot of feelings after being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, such as anxiety, anger, fear and disbelief. By time, you will find a way to cope with your cancer. The following might help you:/p>

    Learn more about prostate cancer to feel more comfortable about your treatment choices. It is always helpful to speak with other cancer survivors.

    Be close to your family and friends, they can give you the support you need while receiving your treatment. A family member or a friend can finish small task for you, he or she can always listen to your complaints and relief any stresses.

    Take a good care of yourself; eat a diet rich of fruits and vegetables, sleep well, and be active as long as you have enough energy.

The most important thing is to gather all your strength to face “Cancer”. It’s not an easy war, but you must have faith. That will be a source of energy for you to fight. Good luck with all my heart!

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