Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Prostate cancer radiation treatment

The prostate cancer radiation therapy is highly effective in mainly cancer case and prostate cancer is not also an exception.

It is quite normal that you may have some conservative feeling regarding this therapy similar to other, partially, to the unknowings and the negative consequence where it is mostly employed.

What's inside the radiation treatment for prostate cancer?

Radiation as we know that from a particular center, certain beam of light is coming out and that will encompass and radiate the specific area and influences the area.

Here also it is not an exception. The beam generally contains short radio active ray which is used for either treatment or some diagnosis of disease.

The prostate cancer radiation is used either externally or by implementing some thing having irradiating capacity inside the body or a combination of the both routes.

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer – When does the therapy initiate?

It is mostly preferred at the last phase of the second stage or more; when there is a positive palpation of the granulations of the prostatic tissue have involved both lobes of the prostate.

It is not for single use rather some time, it may be continued for more than two years or even more depending upon the case and the resistance of the body for permissibility of the employed treatment and the specificity of the disease extent.

The area of radiation is mainly predetermined with the help of CT scan and generally the main focal areas are the prostate, parts of the genital region or more specifically seminal vesicles, and the locally developed nodes.

The prostate cancer therapy is given on daily basis followed by a short respite and improvement is generally dose dependent.

There is a caution also as increasing the dose may land up with more intolerable outcome. The improvement is noted on percentage basis and in later case the success is comparatively less.

If the treatment is initiated within the earlier period the out come is much encouraging.

Some authority also initiated this therapy during the first stages of cancer detection and the out come obtained is almost similar to surgery but as the stages progress, the body resistance starts declining and the out come becomes less encouraging and the inter individual observation amongst the clinicians also varies.

The main observational point of view is to extend the time period of the survival of the carcinoma patients.

It is almost universally excepted that the life expectancy is definitely extended following religious implementation but the cause specific extension of survival is not much predictable owing to the development of sudden and uncontrollable metastases of the other parts of the body.

Prostate cancer radiation treatments - What are the latest techniques available?

Now more modern technique in radiotherapy has come that involves 3 dimensional exposure of beam and that is also assisted by the computer.

It s specificity is obviously more accurate and out come is also more positive and the treatment popularity is also increasing especially owing to the instillation of more radiation exposure with good tolerability and out come.

Then only problem is : “the cost”. For sure the research teams will focus and come out with new, low cost techniques.

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