Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Dana farber study on prostate cancer and watchful waiting

QUESTION: What are some clinical facts from dana farber study on prostate cancer and watchful waiting? How far true and applicable they are?


The latest Dana Farber study devoted to the prevention of the Prostatic cancer, is trying to estimate correlation between the lack of androgen and the development of prostate cancer.

For that reason, Dana Farber has opened several cancer centers in the USA, where every of the participants in this study is taking his daily dose of androgen.

The result of the study is showing that patients with early stages of prostate cancer are not having cancer cells somewhere else in the body. In other words, the androgen therapy is stopping the metastasis of the prostate cancer.

Besides, the patients on androgen therapy are staying at the same stage of the development of the prostate cancer.

This result is supporting the theory that the prostate cancer is developed at the base of lack of androgen.

This is something that can be applied for the prevention of prostate cancer. However, as this discovery is at its early stage of testing, it can not be used for worldwide treatment.

  • On the other hand, the results from this study are providing new data about the immunological behavior of the prostate cancers.

    This new direction will absolutely provide some useful information about how we are supposed to fight against a tumor growth in a non invasive way and how to prevent the development of cancer cells in the organism.

    Hope that will be uncovered very soon to help those in need!


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    Relapsed Prostate Cancer

    by Brian briggs

    QUESTION: The cancer has moved to nodules in my lungs and has metastasized In my bones.

    Is there anything to prolog my life?

    ANSWER: Hi Brian,

    I am sorry to hear that you are in such situation. Sincerely, I hope from the deep of my heart God would ease your sufferings!

    Now, you are asking if there is anything to do to prolong your life. Although you are giving some details of your current health situation, I cannot say anything for sure.

    Even my colleague doctors would not give you an exact answer as we cannot predict. We can help people prevent and treat, but not precisely predict.

    We can think of all kind of things, but nothing for sure as we always believe in miracles and let everything to God.

    My dad (May God hold him in peace) used to ask such questions. He did not have your type of cancer, but still got it.

    Although I could not give an exact answer, I could see hope in his eyes when he was surrounding with his beloved.

    As long as we can breath, we should never stop hoping. God is the only One who can give hope, peace and tranquility.

    Hope it would be the same for you!



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