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Can Bph be reversed or treated herbally?

Reverse bph herbally

Reverse bph herbally

QUESTION: You seem to indicate these remedies apply before getting into difficulties causrd by bph.


Although BPH is considered as a very terrible condition causing lots of problems to the men, however, there exist several ways to treat an enlarged prostate, including operation, drugs and herbs.

With regards to herbal treatment, the majority of patients are skeptic about their effect; however, the truth is that many men are having positive results and less concerns while using them.

Furthermore, the basic of the modern drugs is made of these plants and herbs. Therefore, this indicates that these herbs contains the properties to ensure relief of problems from enlarged prostate.

  • Some of the most popular herbs used for the prostate enlargement treatment are Saw Palmetto, pygeum, nettle root, pumpkin seeds and others.

    Keep in mind that these herbs are still not approved by FDA; while their side effects are still unknown. On the other side, several clinical trials have been conducted to understand the effects of these plants, and none of them is showing dangerous side effects of these herbs.

  • There are several theories regarding the way of acting of Saw Palmetto, but the most probable one is related with the inhibition of an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase.

    This enzyme is responsible for the transformation of testosterone in DTH (dihydrotestosterone), which is responsible for the prostate inflammation and the prostate enlargement. Therefore, the inhibition of this hormone is leading to the reduction of the prostate gland’s size.

    You can find Saw Palmetto in form of pills, two times a day a dose of 160 mg (which in total equals to 320 mg).

  • With regards to Pygeum, it is true that it is not able to reverse the prostate enlargement process. However, this herb has the ability to reduce the urination times during the night.

    Patients who have used pygeum have reported constipation and diarrhea as its probable side effect. In addition, in most cases, pygeum is used along with Saw Palmetto.

    The active substance found in Pygeum is beta- sitosterol, the concentration of which should attract your attention. For example, if the concentration of beta-sitosterol is 13%, you have to take 50 mg of it.

    And, if the concentration is 2.5%, you have to take up to 260 mg every day. Besides this, constipation and diarrhea are observed when you are taking more beta-sitosterol than it is needed.

  • Nettle root is a herb that has been unstudied until now although there are theories that estimate that the consumption of this herb is leading to the reduction of the
    prostate gland’s size and an improvement in the urine flow.

    Besides this, nettle root is reducing the count of urination per day. Regarding the dosage of nettle root, you are supposed to acquire two times a day 50-100 mg of it.

    My advice for you is to take a pill of 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening. At the beginning, start with a dose of 100mg and then if you feel better, try to increase it a little bit until the dose of 200 mg per day, which is the upper limit that you should not overpass.

  • Zinc is another important element for the metabolic process executed in the prostate, because he is a part of the chemical structure of certain enzymes.

    Therefore, you are supposed to acquire around 11g of zinc every day. There are a lot of plants, drugs and other things which are containing zinc, but the most appropriated source of zinc remains the pumpkin seed.

    If you eat only 3-4 seeds every day, you will ensure you organism enough zinc for the whole day. Besides this, the elevated consumption of seed will lead to improvement of your prostate condition, characterized by reducing the size of your prostate.

    In case you don’t like pumpkin seeds, there is another solution for this problem. You may try to eat oysters, which also contain a lot of zinc.

    For example, you may eat around 20 oysters in one day, because they will ensure you all 11 mg of zinc needed.

    You have to know that you are not supposed to eat pumpkin seed or oysters every day. It would be good for you if you try to eat one of the mentioned things once in the week, because the other foods do also contain zinc.

    At the end, to respond to your question, I can only say that each of the above mentioned herbs are very useful for the men health.

    However, when prostate problems arise, the use of these herbs in the above-mentioned dosage, it is thought to ensure the prostate to be reduced in size. Keep in mind that their effect is not guaranteed 100%.

    Therefore, you can use them, but you should also apply a healthy lifestyle and diet to overpass the problems that arise from prostate enlargement.

    Hope it helped!


    by: Anonymous

    Thanks for the input on Palmetto. I wondered if your mention of testosterone means that sexual ability is affected adversely. I would have thought that the reduction in the size of the prostrate would not have an adverse but possibly a positive effect?

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