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Treat Enlarge prostate without going for Surgery:

Treat Enlarge prostate without going for Surgery:

QUESTION: My problem started in 1997 when blood came in Urine and there was untolerable pain in the urine track, they perfored some tests and the operation date of prostate was fixed.

But fortunately, my father in Law send me Homeopathic medicin and my problem came under control. Then the problem of Urination again started with the symtoms of Dribbling at the end of urination, very weak stream and having feeling of not emptying my bladder completely.

I consulted Dr. Anupam Bhargav of Naorthpoint Hospital, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi and during investigation my PUR at that time was found 112.cc. and perhaps size of prostat 8gm. They did not found anything serious and told me that I can not be operated as my urine track was sinuous.

I was advised to sit in warm water while taking bath and Cop. Contiflow(0.4mg)BD was advised for 2 weeks and cop. Levoflox for 5 days. Thereafter of and on I do went through the same problem but by repeating the said medicin I pulled my self till October 2009 and again consulted Dr. Vijay Kumar in Sun Flag Hospital, Faridabad.

My PuR at that time was found 116 and PS 0.16 FB 458CC, Prenelo 124cc and pisc 80cc. He rules out enlargement of prostat and advised Tamdura Capsules for 6 months which I took only for 2 months, he was also of the view that there was obstacle in my track.

Same thing thereafter whenever I felt problem I repeated the capsule Tamdura to solve my problem. Now, I am touching 60 in next four months and I fear that if permanent remedy is not done that I will have to suffer tremendously in my old age because I have seen the aweful condition of my Father suffering with the same problem of Urine in his old age.

From the last 4-5 months I am again feeling the problem of not emptying my bladder completely and after urine If I keep on standing for 5 minutes then urine continue to flow in samll quantity after short interverls. Due to this I have also lost my sexual power 2-3 years back. Please suggest some remedy.

email: yogesh_jain2005@rediffmail.com

ANSWER: Hi Yogesh,

It is true that the surgery is the ultimate remedy if you are having enlarged prostate. However, there are several other options, which might help you, and why not avoid the prostatectomy or other surgical treatment.

1 - First of all, you have to make s perfect regime about the amount of water required every day.

For example normal person needs
about 2-2.5 l of water every day. You should divide this amount in small portion of about 100 ml. In this way you have to drink water about 20-25 times every day.

As you probably know the amount of urine depends on the amount of water taken per day as the organism is transforming the excessive water in urine.

When you drink small quantities of water, your organism is transforming only a small part in urine. For example, only 20 ml of this 100 ml of water acquired are going to be transformed in urine.

In this way, you are going to like you have to urinate when the amount of urine in the bladder is more the 400ml (in total 3-4 times per day). Therefore, a gradual relaxation of the bladder and of the prostate is caused, helping you to urinate normally.

2 - Beside this, you have to avoid the caffeine and alcohol as these substances stimulate the production of urine, and this will destroy your daily regime.

3 - Other thing, which will help you is to do exercises. Beside going to the gym, you can perform the Kegel exercises, which stimulate the muscles responsible for the urination process.

One of these exercises is to pretend that you are urinating and then suddenly to stop urinating. This will increase the tone of those muscles and in this way you are going to urinate normally, no matter the enlarged prostate of yours.

4 - The last option is the usage of drugs. Although these drugs do have their effect on prostate, at the same time, they affect the cardio-vascular system too. For that reason, those drugs have to be prescribed only by a specialist (urologist).

These drugs are known as alpha-1 blockers, i.e., they are blocking the alpha-1 receptors in the muscles and they are causing muscle relaxation. This is helping you to urinate normally.

These drugs are prescribed to patients with high blood pressure, because they are causing the relaxation of the arteries. For that reason if you are suffering from low blood pressure, those drugs are not appropriate for you as they are able to cause syncope.

For your information, syncope is a condition during which not enough blood goes to the brain and the patient is losing consciousness.

Some of the alpha-1 blockers include Prazosin, Doxazosin, Alfuzosin, but those drugs have to be prescribed by your doctor after physical examination.

Remember to always be in contact and collaborate with your doctor for your own best as my advice is only a distance one without knowing your whole medical history.

Hope it helped!


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