Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

About Sex after Prostate Surgery

The chances of having regular sex after prostate surgery depend on many variables: the sex life before the surgery, the gravity of the disease, the support scale of the partner, the accuracy of the surgery, the patient’s psychological condition after surgery. 

Although the prostate surgery is associated with increased risks of erectile dysfunction (due to cavernous nerves that pass literally along the prostate), 83% of men regained a normal sexual function after surgery. 

There are treatments for erectile dysfunction resulting after prostatectomy, but they are usually not necessary because of the right surgeon and the proper surgery technique. 

When should one start having sex after prostate surgery?

There is no specific time after surgery, decided by the doctors, about when to start sexual activity. It is up to the patient to decide upon this issue. Usually, it takes 3 or four weeks before the patient feels comfortable enough to have sex after prostate surgery . 

Men who have undergone prostatectomy can feel the orgasm the same as; they have experienced before the surgery. The only difference is there the sensation of fullness and inevitability, and ejaculation will be missing.  

For what prostate problems, surgical intervention is indicated? 

Surgical intervention is indicated in the conditions as following: 

1. Enlarged prostate (BPH-benign prostate hypertrophy) 

2. Adenoma of prostate 

3. Prostate cancer. 

However, surgery is not a first choice solution even in the aforementioned conditions. 

The indications of prostate surgery are as following: 

1. When medical therapy fails 

2. In advanced stages of diseases 

3. Complications of the diseases such as: being unable to pass the urine, having kidney damages, having frequent urinary tract infections, having stones in the bladder, bleeding. 

4. At the request of the patient- sometimes, when the symptoms of the diseases are bothersome, the patient requests to be treated with surgery, even if there are no significant indications to be treated thus. 

5. Based on the general health of the patient- In some conditions, the poor health of the patient does not allow a conservative medical treatment. 

What is the recovering time for each of them? 

Patients who have undergone an open prostatectomy have the greatest hospital stay and recovery time. 

The average hospital stay in this type of surgery is 2-4 days, and the catheter is removed after approximately 1 to three weeks. 

Patients who have undergone Laparoscopic prostatectomy or robotic assisted prostatectomy are discharged from the hospital within 24 hours. Within 1 week, they can start their normally activities. 

Patients who have undergone TUR usually stay in the hospital 1 to three days following the procedure. The catheter is removed the week after the procedure.  

Of course, driving and other types energy-requiring activities( such as horseback riding, bicycle riding, jumping, running, etc.) are forbidden for 1 or two weeks. 

Patients who have undergone microsurgical procedures like TUNA, TUMT or UroLift is discharged from the hospital within 24 hours. They can start they common activities within 2 or four days.  

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