Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Seeding & Proton Prostate Cancer Therapy

by Ottis Haney
(Greeneville tn )

: Radioactive Seed Implantation Technique (brachytherapy) or Proton Therapy?

: Radioactive Seed Implantation Technique (brachytherapy) or Proton Therapy?

QUESTION: My PSA 6.40; gleason 6; age 72. Early stage: 12 needles; only one was positive for cancer. Good health.

Dr. gave me a number of treatments that are in use, he wants me to choose the one I want. (what do i know about prostate cancer)???.

What do you suggest? Also, what can you tell me about seeding and proton treatment?

ANSWER: Hi Ottis,

I cannot tell you the right treatment for your case because:

- Although you are providing some data; I do lack many other (like the right diagnosis your doctors have determined; specific treatment they have prescribed; do you have other health problems, etc.)

- Although you are providing your Gleason score, I should have the biopsy result seen to better understand your cancer situation.

Therefore, cannot give an exact answer unless you provide your test results.

- Next, you are asking about seeding and proton therapy. They are both two types of radiation treatment.

Radioactive Seed Implantation Technique (brachytherapy) = Ionizing radiation is sent to the tumor through a radioactive material which is set in a short distance from the tumor or within it.

While brachytherapy is done, the radioactive seeds are template-guided inserted into the prostate gland with the help of ultrasound also.

- With regards to proton therapy, it consists of proton beams to the cancer cells with low risk of round tissues being involved.

To decide which procedure is best for you, there are many other factors that should take into account.

Therefore, the only advice I give to you is to follow your doctor's instructions. They know your current health status and prognosis.

I would only add that changes in your lifestyle and diet could also help your in your battle against prostate cancer problems.

I am sorry not to give more explanation due to lack of info.

Hope the best for you!


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Fiducial Markers Before Prostate Radiation?


QUESTION: How important is it to have Fiducial Markers placed before receiving radiation

ANSWER: Hi Monica,

Radiation therapy has been shown effective in treating prostate cancer. However, it requires precise X-ray view of the prostate gland and the nearby structures (nerves, vascular, bladder, small intestine, rectum, hip joints).

The aim is to save as much of the unaffected (non-cancerous)cells as we can during the radiation therapy whether they are of prostate gland or surroundings.

Although radiation is effective in killing the cancerous cells, it may cause cancer itself to the non-cancerous cells. This can aggravate the situation of the patient; and this is something we do not want.

Therefore, inserting Fiducials markers into the prostate has been shown to be helpful in giving more precise view of the prostate and the surroundings.

What are the Fiducial markers?

They are some gold markers, inserted with the aim of some needles via rectum. It is pretty much similar to the prostate biopsy procedure.

Before external beam radiotherapy, the prostate with Fiducial markers is being evaluated through X-ray or CT-scan, where the precise place of prostatic tissue is determined. The next day is planned for the session of radiotherapy.

  • At last, only your urologist can truly determine whether your beloved with prostate cancer is eligible for Fiducial markers or not.

    I wish you all the best and lots of strength to face this sad reality!

    May God alleviate the pain and sufferings to your beloved with prostate cancer!


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