Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

sperm in urine

QUESTION: Sperms are coming out in urine of my father(65 years old).

Doctors said its due to prostate enlargment? so please let me know ,is this true!!!



Before going to conclusions, I would like to make you some questions regarding your father's health status:

1. Are you sure it is sperm coming out in the urine? Have you checked (urine culture or other urine tests) for any pus or urine infection?

2. Has your father undergone any intervention (like surgery or diagnostic instrumental) recently? That could explain the semen leakage through urine.

3. Does your father take any medicine for enlarged prostate or it is only based on prostate herbal tea treatment? Have you checked his PSA or digital examination for prostate cancer? Those can partially explain the semen leakage too.

4. Is your father still sexually active? If the sperm comes out immediately after ejaculation, then, no need to worry because it is just normal.

However, at his age, as his doctors told you, his enlarged prostate can contribute to a persistent presence of sperm in urine.

5. Does your father massage his prostate or uses other techniques or machines to relieve the symptoms of the enlarged prostate? That could also explain the presence of sperm in urine.

6. Has your father had any trauma or accident (like falling at buttock) recently? These kinds of accidents could also explain the sperm in urine, and are usually associated with blood in urine. Therefore, a specialized help is urgently needed.

7. Does your father suffer from prostatitis?

As a conclusion, enlarged prostate could be a cause of the presence of sperm in your father's urine.

Sometimes, this is not to worry about, however, as I have already mentioned above, there are certain conditions or pathologies that should be seriously taken. Therefore, check with your father and his doctor.

All the best!


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Poor Flow of Urine!

by sudhir sharan
(lucknow india)

QUESTION: I have to wake up 3-4 times at night for urination where flow is poor(6)also during day many times urination is required.

It sometimes also pains alittle while getting relieved. Sometimes there is some pain in the testicles as well.

I am not taking any medicine for enlarged prostate. I suffer from hypertension,asthma but under control with medication.

ANSWER: Hi Sudhir,

First, I need to know your age. To my guess, most probably you are mid-aged man. The majority of men of this age do experience problems with enlarged prostate.

Now, as you are frequently urinating, there could be two problems (separately or together):

1. Enlarged prostate. However, you should confirm this diagnose through ultrasound examination and PSA test.

2. Urinary tract infection. You should perform a urine exam and urine culture to fully determine this diagnosis.

To sum up, if you have enlarged prostate, you should start the right drug therapy. Your doctor is the only one who can decide which drug is more suitable for you.

Next, you should implement a healthy lifestyle and diet habits in order to help your body adjust its problems.

In addition, if the urine exam and culture will show that you have infection; you should go for the right antibiotic therapy according to the urine culture results.

However, even in this case, your doctor is the one who can decide which antibiotic is most suitable for you.

If the diagnostic results will show that you have also prostatitis, then your doctor will also decide the proper treatment.

Taking some herbal supplements or tea that are shown to be good to ease the urinary tract and prostate problems, will also be of great benefits.

Hope it helped!


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