Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Low quantity of ejaculation and waiting for urine to pass out

by manzoor ahmed
(karachi, pakistan)

QUESTION: I am 48 years old man and for the last two years i have been facing this problem of ejaculating low quantity of sperms and also have to exert some what pressure to pass our urine. No pain nothing.


ANSWER: Hi there,

The inabilities to urinate and ejaculate normally are symptoms showing that there is something, which stops the normal flow.

In most cases, these symptoms are talking about enlargement of the prostatic gland, but you have to know that there are other organs, which a part of the lower genital-urinary system’s segments, like bladder and urethra.

That means that we should not only blame the prostate for your condition. In purpose to estimate the exact cause for these symptoms, you should speak with urologist about it, because several tests have to be executes to determine the right cause for your problem (and diagnosis subsequently).

However, now I will give you some of the common causes of your problem:

  • The first one is BPH - benign prostatic hyperplasia. This is a condition, during which the size of the prostate is larger than usual.

    The enlarged prostate presses the urethra, which leads to problems with urination and ejaculation. You have to know that this is not a serious condition, because it can be treated with medications and herbs. During and after the treatment you will be able to urinate and ejaculate normally.

  • The other possible explanation is the prostate cancer. However, this condition is very rare in patients, who are under the age of 60, like you.

    But just to be sure, that everything is ok
    speak with your doctor about it.

  • In addition, you have to know that the cancers of the bladder are not causing problems with ejaculations, because of the anatomical structure of the genital-urinary system.

    However, infection of the bladder may lead to such symptoms, but the infection is related to pain, which you don’t have. That means that the problems with the bladder are related to your cases.

  • In contrary, the cancer of the urethra may lead to similar problem. But this condition is related to changes in the color of the urine and sperm, things which you haven’t mentioned. This means that this diagnose is not appropriate for your condition.

  • In purpose to be clear, I have to tell you that according to my generally point of view, it is a matter of BPH.

    The treatment of this condition is easy, but you have to speak with your doctor about it.

    I hope that you are going to resolve your problem soon, so you can live like a normal man again.

    Hope it helped!



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    COMMENT: Hi,

    Thanks for such an informative reply. I forgot to mention that i have a history of recurrence of stone in my urethra. Is this may also be the cause?

    Thanks and regards.


    To my point of view, that could be the exact cause to your problems. That is why we are trying to give only suggestions based on saying, and always ask to communicate with your doctor as he/she knows better your medical history.

    Therefore, I strongly recommended to stay always close to your doctor and follow his/her instructions rigorously.

    All the best!


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