GRADE 1 BPH Treatment!


GRADE 1 BPH Treatment

GRADE 1 BPH Treatment


I am 61 yr old male. Recently, ultrasound scanning found that I am having enlarged prostate grade 1 and bladder wall thickness of 5 mm.

The urine detention is 206 ml. I am taking Levoday 500 mg and Tamdura caps one at bedtime. I am much better so far as emptying the bladder content and thus feel relaxed.

Kindly intimate the prognosis? Do I require surgery?

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Mohan,

It is quite difficult for us (doctors) to tell the prognosis of a disease as there are many factors that should be taken into account.

It is much more difficult to tell the prognosis online with little medical data you provided. However, I will try to give my opinion on your request.

To my opinion, you are:

- emptying your bladder and feeling relaxed after voiding although the residual urine is 206 ml;

- taking 2 drugs (Levoday and Tamdura) and you are not facing any side effects (according to your statements).

I would like to know:

- for how long have you been on Levoday and Tamdura?

- Are facing any other problem like up and/or lower urinary problems?

- What other drugs have you been taken from the first time your have been diagnosed with BHP?

As I do not have any other medical data of yours; with those provided by you, I think you are on a good way to manage your prostate enlargement and do not need surgery so far.

However, please do not take my opinion as the last one as I do not have sufficient medical data on your health status.

Only your doctor can give the final opinion based on your medical history.

  • Next, drugs and surgery only cannot help you with your enlarged prostate. You need to do some lifestyle changes like:

    - stop smoking or drinking alcohol

    - modify your diet (more healthy foods, less carbs, less oily ones)

    - try to use some herbs that have been proven to relieve the prostate symptoms and shrink it.

    I do not know if your doctor have already told you about these changes, but my medical ethic obligates me to refer them to you.

    Hope it helped!


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