Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Foods To Avoid For A Healthy Prostate!

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks


I have one question - what should you avoid to keep a healthy prostate?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Generally speaking, all you have to do in purpose to protect your prostate from BPH, prostate cancer and other conditions, which may affect your prostate, you have to follow a healthy diet and to make some lifestyle changes.

  • First, regarding the diet, I will mention several foods, which you have to avoid. The list is not that long and it is composed of fatty foods, red meats, dairy foods, fast foods, too much salt in the meals, hydrogenated oils and others.

    In addition, you have to avoid certain drinks, like: soda, coffee, alcohol and black tee, or to use them in limited amounts.

  • Besides those things mentioned above, there is a list of foods, which you have to eat in purpose to a have healthy prostate gland. Some of these products are: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fish and oysters.

    With regards to the lifestyle changes, you have to start doing some exercises and to find a way to handle the stress. For the health of your prostate gland, you have to run for at least 20-30 minutes every single day, but regarding the stress, you have to find your own way to beat it.

    At last, I want to inform you that certain supplements are proved to work, like prostate preserving substances. Some of them are vitamins, others are minerals, but third are herbs.

    From the minerals, you have to start using products, which contain a lot of Zinc and selenium. Zinc is responsible for the protein synthesis in the prostate gland and the selenium is natural antioxidant, which protects the prostate from the free radicals formed in the organism.

    From all the vitamins, only the vitamins from group B and vitamin E are playing a protective role in the prostate metabolism. I want to remind you that these vitamins have maximum daily dose, which you don’t have to exceed.

    The last thing, which you can use for protecting your prostate, is Saw Palmetto, herb, which stimulates the normal functioning of the prostate gland.

    Hope it helped!


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