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Finasteride 5 mg for enlarged prostate and low blood pressure

by Robin

Finasteride 5 mg for enlarged prostate and low blood pressure

Finasteride 5 mg for enlarged prostate and low blood pressure

QUESTION: Currently he is taking Finasteride 5 mg tablets for his enlarged prostate. He is suffering from dizzyness, lightheadedness, and he feels spaced out and disconnected.

We are looking for a natural remedy that he can take to help with his problem.

ANSWER: Hi Robin,

Finasteride, also known with the brand name of Proscar, is 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. That means that this drug is inhibiting an enzyme which is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone.

Finasteride is generally used for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer and hair loss.

This drug is very efficient but as you probably know there are some side effects which are fastidious for the patient. These side effects are erectile dysfunction, reduced libido and small amount of semen.

  • With regards to the symptoms your friend is experiencing, keep in mind that Finasteride is not causing any of them. In general, these symptoms are becoming as a result of low blood pressure, but Finasteride is not the reason for this.

    First of all, you have to think about the other drugs which he is taking. If there are drugs like alpha-blocker or beta–blocker that he might be using; that is exactly the cause for lowering of the blood pressure.

    My advice for
    you is to measure his blood pressure every hour. If you see that he is lower than 120/80 mmHg or even lower than 100/70, you should put him immediately on the bed.

  • There are several things, which you can do to raise his blood pressure and to remove the dizziness and the other symptoms.

    1. Make him drink at least 1.5-2 l of water. This will increase the amount of blood in the organism, which will prevent the low blood pressure.

    2. Offer him to drink coffee, which stimulates the constriction of the arteries and prevents low blood pressure.

    You have to know that increased consumption of water and coffee will make him urinate more than usual.

    3. Exercises are something very good, when you are having low blood pressure. I’m not talking about the Kegel exercises, but he can perform them too, in purpose to reduce the symptoms of the prostate enlargement.

    Doing push-ups or lifting weights will definitely improve the condition of his cardio-vascular system.

    At the end, I ask you to consult with a doctor, because he can establish the exact reason for the low blood pressure of your friend.

    Besides this, he will give you the correct medicine, which can prevent the drop of the blood pressure.

    Hope it helped!


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    Nov 04, 2019
    It's the saline
    by: Anonymous

    Not the drug nor your BPH. Your drug is not an alpha blocker but rather a T blocker.

    Suffered from similar systems without taking Proscar, was hospitalized, and came away without any signs or symptoms previously experienced. The diagnosis, in my case only, was autonomic dysfunction caused by amyloidosis.

    What was highly effective in my case only? Saline (8 buffered salt capsules (from Amazon.com) and 3 liters of (bottled) water each and every day), two prescription drugs and compression tights (up to navel) with an abdominal binder.

    Be very careful of blackouts after you start to feel lightheaded. The brain is not receiving blood, lightheadedness is a symptom for this and many other maladies (e.g. diabetes). What follows is a nasty face plant onto the floor. Get low to the ground fast. Drink 500 mL of ice cold water very fast, gulp it (causes a GI pressor effect). Buy a hockey helmet with a face guard if blackouts/greyouts/falls are a problem, I would suggest.

    Not a doctor. Speaking from personal experience.

    Get thee to a neurologist!

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