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Bph medication after surgery using tamsulosin

by V.Anand

Whether to continue tamdura even after undergoing turp.



I read your message and understood your question.

Tamdura (tamsulosin) is a drug used to treat BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate.

It relaxes the muscles around the bladder at the level of the prostate gland to make urine easier to pass.

This drug is a conservatory treatment for BPH before surgery.

Surgery is the definite treatment for the enlarged prostate. This means that the structure that has narrowed the urine flow at the begining of the urethra does not exist anymore as the prostate has been removed through TURP surgery.

The stricture and the muscle spasms of the urethra walls and the sfincterial opening has been corrected through surgery.

The main problem after surgery is to maintain a propper urine flow that is why urination is promoted by drinking plenty of water and by catheterisation.

If you take blood thinning medications for other purposes you may need to stop them for 2-3 days after surgery or as the surgen has recommended to you.

It is very important that you must keep undercontrol other diseases you may have especially blood troubles, hypertension and diabetes. Any risk factor that may increase inflammation or the hemorrhage after TURP must
be avoided.

Spicy foods may increase the blood flow in the vessels for example also high blood pressure may contribute to the hemorrhage of the operation site especially when combined with blood thinner drugs.

Make sure to take plenty of rest in bed after surgery and reduce the physical stress as much as you can.

Drink plenty of water and eat high-fiber food in order to recover faster. Avoid lifting weights and heavy physical activity for at least 4 weeks.

You may need pain medicines which you can take them when it is necessary. Take those your doctor has prescribed to you. Do not substitute with other pain drugs you can find.

You may take diuretics too which will help in maintaining the urinary system in full function and clean has the diuresis will be increased.

You will not face trouble with urination as you will be keeping a catheter for some days as your doctor has recommended to you.

Another thing that I want to emphasaise is that you must take propper actions to prevent infection. This is very important to prevent complications after surgery.

Keep a propper hygiene to your genitals and if neccessasy you can use an antiseptic cream while you keep a catheter inserted.

Dr Albana

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why Tamsulosin after TURP?
by: Anonymous

You didn't answer the question... my partner's kidney specialist wants him to continue taking Tamsulosin and Finasteride AFTER Greenlight TURP... yet the prostate has been destroyed so why??? The urologist told him to stop both meds.

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