Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc

Cooled thermotherapy

by James
(oak lawn, IL)

Cooled Thermotherapy for Enlarged Prostate – Benefits:

Cooled Thermotherapy for Enlarged Prostate – Benefits:

QUESTION: Using cooled thermotherapy?

ANSWER: Hi James,

Cooled ThermoTherapy is a manner used for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia, also known as BPH. The bad thing is that this procedure is not applied to patients with prostatitis or prostate cancer.

Cooled ThermoTherapy is not used on patients with prostate cancer, because such a cancer requires removal of the whole prostate (total prostatectomy)due to the risk of metastases, which are sometimes causing the death of the patients.

Moreover, this procedure is not applied on patients with prostatitis, because it is not able to kill all the bacteria, which are causing the inflammation of the prostatic gland.

  • Regarding the performance of Cooled ThermoTherapy, you have to know that this procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive.

    Under non-surgical I mean that there are no incisions and no wounds, which are able to destroy your general condition. Because of this, most of the patients prefer this procedure in comparison to other possible options.

    However, the bad thing is that not every hospital has the needed apparatuses and not every urologist has the needed qualifications to estimate Cooled ThermoTherapy.

    The reason why this procedure is called minimally invasive is that small catheter is inserted in the urethra and this catheter is aimed versus your prostate.

    When the catheter is near by the prostate, small laser appears on the top of the catheter. This laser is aimed at the part of the prostate which is pressing the urethra and it heats
    that part.

    As a consequence, the heat causes vaporization of the water inside the cell of that part of the prostate. When there is no water, the cells are dying. However, in purpose to prevent the death of innocent prostatic cells, there is another laser, which is cooling the rest of the prostate.

    In this way, the cells which are causing the urinary problems of yours are dying and the rest of the prostate, which is harmless, stays unaffected.

    As you can see by yourself, this procedure is very effective and almost of all of the patients are sustaining well this treatment.

  • With regards to the side effects of this treatment, they include pain in the urethra, combined with discomfort and frequent urinations.

    Some of these side effects can last up to a week or two and after this period, you will see that you can urinate normally.

    In your case, my advice for you is to make a consultation with your urologist before this procedure, because he is the one, who is able to say if this operations is something good for you or it may causes damages to your organism.

  • Besides, you have to know that sometimes the patients prostate is that large, so this kind of treatment is not effective, which means that another option has to be chosen.

    I hope that everything is going to be ok and soon you will be able to forget about your problems of BPH, thanks to Cooled ThermoTherapy.

    Hope it helped!


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